More Lies and Moar Lulz

November 25, 2014

Thanks for the submission Kim!

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to have cancer and is still insanely jealous of a woman named Krystle Draper.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending that she has a job - she doesn't. Never has. Never will. Batshit crazy, I tells ya.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to live in Sand Springs despite being proven to live at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, OK with her father. Oh, and she's still in denial about her victims having visited there despite being a total coward and refusing to show up in court last month because that would mean having to face the women she's jealous of.

Bonnie Combs is such an awful cancer faker. She doesn't even know the true symptoms of cancer. Such a sick, twisted, insane and delusional human being. Bonnie Combs is a waste of oxygen and a living joke.


And now for the funnies... Another one of Bonnie's many victims has been verbally raping Batshit Bonnie Combs, Kunty Kristin Norman and Loony Laura Smith on twitter for the past week or two and it's been hilarious to watch! Those three losers are made for each other!

And because Bonnie never stops the lies, we'll have plenty moar lulz and lies to come. Likely tonight!

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  1. Your's and Kim's comments are hilarious lmaoooo omg those comments are the ones I miss on moarfail!