"Chretienne Ouelette" IS Bonnie Combs - Exposed for the 50th time!

December 05, 2014

After all of the psychotic dirt we've uncovered and all of the ridiculous lies we've revealed - it's surprising that anyone still believes that "Chretienne Christine Christina Ouelette Jamie Vaughn Armstrong Betancourt" is who she says she is on the internet. There's very few people left in Bonnie's make believe internet life and those people are what we like to call - stupid!

We came across some very interesting evidence that proves "Christina Ouelette" to be a liar - once again. Once again we've found evidence that "Chretienne Ouelette" IS Bonnie Combs. And once again we have "Christine Armstrong" (Bonnie Combs) sheer and utter stupidity to thank for this discovery!

Someone needs to pay this pathetic bitch for being so stupid... She's really good at it! In fact, it's the only thing Bonnie Combs is good at!

Bonnie, or Christine/Christina/Jamie/Chretienne, has a public flickr album located here: @JamieVaughn. This flickr album is linked on her website Comatised.com under the social media section in the sidebar and under her methods of contact. She's made it more than clear that this is her flickr album, it belongs to her and always has. And she's been dumping her craptacular photos there for the past several years!

The thing with Bonnie that really gets me is... She lies for a living but she's not any good at it! Bonnie Combs is literally the worst liar and the biggest idiot in the whole entire world.

Common sense says that if you insist on living a lie and lying about your life on the internet - the least you can do is be good at it, keep track of your lies and make it at least somewhat believable.

Bonnie Combs fails at all of these things!

But who's worse? Bonnie Combs? Or the few people who naively and ignorantly stay by her side, stick up for her and harass her hundreds of victims - despite being smacked in the face with a metric fuck ton of evidence and the truth - time and time again.

It's so hard to decide. It really is.

Anywho, onto the latest evidence! (Click to enlarge.)

This is "Chretienne/Christina Ouelette's" (Bonnie's 147th personality) blog and has been for several years. Bonnie has years of her lies, psychobabble and general hilarity archived for all to see and laugh at.

Below the navigation/biography of lies in the sidebar, you'll see several social media icons. If you click on the flickr icon (two dots) it will take you to Bonnie's flickr page: @JamieVaughn

On Bonnie's flickr page (back several pages) you'll see a photo of a computer screen that is clearly of an xray of Bonnie's teeth. I know, I know... it's surprising that this fat fuck has any teeth left considering she survives on candy, cheetos and coca cola. But I digress.

If you click on this photo and enlarge it in full view, you can see the name of the person whom the scan belongs to.


Hmm... We're pretty sure that says Bonnie Combs. What do you think?

The scan clearly says Bonnie M. Combs. What do you know... The woman who lives in the same house as Bonnie Combs and has the same family as Bonnie Combs just so happens to actually be Bonnie Combs. What a freaking mind fuck!

See it live: here and here.

More lulz to come.

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