What REAL people think of Bonnie Combs and her 250+ personalities!

December 23, 2014

Twitter is always full of lulzy content about Bonnie. More people are tuned in to her psychotic bullshit on the daily and they post about it allll over the internet!

Another one of Bonnie's many victims. Bonnie loves to defame people when they find out the truth about her.

So many retweets! This shit is going viral.

And here's Bonnie's only friend: Laura M. Smith from Hamilton, ON. Bonnie kisses her flat ass and sucks up to her big time because she doesn't want Laura to find out the truth. Granted, Laura is a druggy retard with very few braincells left and she's naive to the fact that she's befriended a child predator who harvests photos of her hideous kid every single day.

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  1. Krystal Draper exemplifies what beauty is. Her kindness, her spirit, her love that she gives to each and everyone.