Abusers and Stalkers

December 18, 2014

Using Occam’s Razor, I believe that the simplest answer is correct: That Laura M. Smith is leaving death threats on this page. The person doing so uses a downloaded proxy, just like her, they use her email address, laura-m.smith@mohawkcollege.ca, they use the “name” “Guess who, whore!” and they use the same spelling and grammar errors as her. I’m sure it could be someone else that is excellent in impersonating poor Laura to make her look bad, but she does a great job of that on her own via her twitter account, DangerousFrank, where she admits she visits this page via a proxy. If anyone else has any other solution, I’m all ears.

Abusers and stalkers. They both have something to hide. Just ask Laura Smith, aka DangerousFrank on Twitter. She uses TorProject to view this page because she has something to hide: Her IP and any cookies this website leaves on her computer. Why? Because she visits the page to let me know that she’s mentally ill and therefore can get away with killing me according to Canada's law. Not only that, if you can believe her stupidity, but she says that because she’s not a Canadian citizen, she can murder whomever she wants in the US and it’s legal here because she’s in Canada. Make sense? No? Of course not! But she’s far more sophisticated with proxies than Bonnie Combs. Bonnie has to use web-based proxies while Laura has downloaded and used programs to view this page and leave death threats in the comments.

Naturally, she’s going to deny this, but her laura-m.smith@mohawkcollege.ca was attached to the comments from her TorProject IP, and she tweeted about viewing this site earlier this month. Coincidence? Nah. She’s insane.

Do I believe my life is in danger? Nope.

Just like I don’t believe Bonnie Combs has ever been to Canada.

Nor does anyone else with any intelligence.

Of course Bonnie Combs has adapted this line of thought saying that she could get away with ending my life because she’s in the United States. Insane bitches have to stick together, after all, because who else will have them? Their imaginary friends? That’s why all their friends are anonymous and have to steal pictures of other people to pretend they are somebody. That’s why their profiles move around so much,

They have something to hide.

And it’s hard to hide on the internet. Everything is so public, and everyone has saw everything, so it’s fairly likely that someone will have saw the photo of “Kim” somewhere else.

Laura found the last person “Kim” was pretending to be and messaged the Tumblr anonymously. The person filed a DMCA with Twitter, but Bonnie Combs changed the URL and the person couldn’t find where their photos were being used anymore.

We will let Mohawk College know that Laura is using her free email account via a college she's never attended to send out death threats and terrorist threats though.

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