Lulzy Submissions

October 22, 2014

First and foremost, a hilarious submission of Bonnie:

And now onto the lulzy loony Laura submissions!

Now we see why Laura's only hobby is telling people on twitter they look old:

Only one tooth left due to meth use. How sad!


Some may say making fun of Laura's hideous kid (Sawyer) is mean or perhaps too easy because he looks like a failed abortion. In fact it's deserved. Laura spends her time wishing death on young children and miscarriages on young women on twitter.

Now we see why Laura is obsessed with other women's tits... yikes!

Why does Laura constantly call others fat? She's an out of shape cow! This is pre-pregnancy by the way.

Stretchmarked tits pre-pregnancy? Gross!

Endless contradictions:

Laura M. Smith Hamilton is obviously a loose whore with genital warts.

Good ol' child neglect at 29 Holly Ave in Hamilton, ON. What ugly fucks! Filthy house too. Loony Laura is too busy harvesting photos of hot chicks online to clean or care for her ugly child.

More lulzy contradictions. This shit is permanent! Someone should submit these to bad tattoos asap! We hear Manny got his done while in prison for dealing cocaine in Bobcaygeon, ON.

Loony Laura thinks she's a photographer.. Someone should remind her she first needs a real camera and she then will need some talent. But alas she's got none!

Meth: Not even once!

Her ass is so flat from spending her life sitting on it.

Manny Hamilton's way of making a living. He sucks cock on webcam! No surprise.

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