Bonnie Combs is an inbred retard!

August 09, 2014

It's common knowledge that Bonnie Combs is a terrible liar.
It's common knowledge that Bonnie Combs has a very low IQ.
It's common knowledge that Bonnie Combs (and her other 50 fictitious personalities) literally fucking suck at covering their own tracks.

Batshit Bonnie has been exposed on so many different occasions here on this blog, elsewhere, twitter, facebook and god knows how many other websites by so many lovely people.

But the best is when Bonnie exposes herself. She's just SO stupid that she fails to cover her own tracks and simply tries to delete the evidence after being exposed - but thankfully our crew is always quick to screenshot it and document it live on the web so Butthurt Bonnie can't do anything about it except babble out her usual childish excuses that make no sense whatsoever to anyone with a brain.

And that's why Bonnie's only friends are Loony Lawla Smith and Krazy Kristin Norman. Nobody else wants them either. Aw. We're so glad they found each other. The mental ward will have to arrange an extra wide cell to make room for those fatties and all of their personalities.

The latest lulz? Bonnie Combs runs / / / /

This doesn't come as a surprise though, right? I mean, we've already posted enough proof and exposed Bonnie countless times right here on our blog but hey, what's one more?

Here's the latest scoop:

What do ya know? "Reporter" the lulzy loser who blogs denigration and defamation regularly at the "I'm madly jealous of Krystal Draper" love blogs just so happens to use the same avatar that only "Chretienne Ouelette" / "Christine Armstrong" / "Christina Ouelette" aka Bonnie Combs uses.

What are the chances?

God knows when Bonnie is over faking her own death for the hundredth time I'm sure she'll say these screenshots are photoshopped or that the accounts are fake because she's totez retarded right?


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