Anonymous Submission about Kristin Norman

September 05, 2014

“Coming from someone who used to be “friends” with Kristin Norman.. Don’t tell her ANYTHING. She will stab you in the back and tell everyone your secrets the first chance she gets.

The biggest mistake I made was feeling sorry for her because she has ZERO friends in real life and her own family can’t stand her. That should have been enough to convince me to stay away from her…

Basically, Kristin was only pretending to be my friend to get information about my life. She sold me out to Bonnie Combs, a career cyberbully from Tulsa who is currently incarcerated for impersonating a professor at Oklahoma State University - Centre for Health Sciences.

Bonnie also pretends to have cancer, lies about being a victim of 9/11 and basically created an entire fictitious life on the internet because her real life is that pathetic.”

- Anonymous Submission about Kristin Norman

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