Why do we do this site?
The reason we do this is simple.
Bonnie combs is a psychotic cyber stalker and child molester who rarely leaves her bedroom, pretends to be a big shit, and she’s just another coward who wishes she had any power.
This site is here to mock, report, and document her actions online that are less than honest. No one cares if she makes a fake website stealing money from people. Anyone in this day and age who can’t see what a thief she is have serious problems.
You may report news/Bonnie Combs  for public humiliation here.

Bonnie Combs (Bonni Danner): The main "body" that hosts all the other people. She has many, many domains that she has allowed her personalities to register. They all use the same server (DreamHost) and they use the same type of journaling software, Movable Type, which states in it's own features page that "Support for multiple weblogs/journals -- one Movable Type installation can support as many blogs as you wish." Movable Type seems to be supporting the MPD wave. Sad. This woman claims to be 34, yet she has a Davy Jones-oriented site (for her main personality). Yes, women can be pedophiles too and Bonnie Combs is certainly one.

Bonnie Combs claims to be a photographer despite taking shitty photos of dirty needles. Bonnie does, however, admit to being a high school dropout and unemployed loser.

Bonnie Danner claims to be a thirty-two year old internet professional dog lover and cop hater that lives in Tulsa. She also claims she isn't from Tulsa, despite history showing otherwise.

Admitted domains run by Bonnie CombsTheBonnieSiteBonnieCombsBonnieDanner.

Chretienne Ouelette: A mother of three with a husband dying of cancer, full-time professor at Oklahoma State University who too, is dying from cancer. However, when ever Bonnie Combs gets mad at someone, and wants them dead, Chretienne Ouelette here wants them dead too. The only slight difference in Chretienne is that she uses Wordpress to publish her site.

Admitted domains run by ChretienneComatisedCrimsonsparkle #1Crimsonsparkle #2OklinaPixie.

Christine Armstrong: (Christina): Widow and mother of two children, lab tech, and dying of cancer.

Admitted domains run by ChristineFrozen-StarFrozen-Stars.

Jamie Vaughn (Junky Jamie): This has to be the stupidest of all of her personalities. She claims to be a recovering heroin addict who had to prostitute herself for her drug addiction and was raped several times. She also claims to be a heavy drinker and prescription drug addict. Despite all of this, she's also married with 4 children, 1 dog, 2 birds, 1 step child, and is a writer, licensed pharmacist, PhD holder, amateur digital photographer and web designer. She'll post a threat to your comments/guestbook (usually mirroring Bonnie's current mood) and then post her real name and domain. Very, very stupid.

Admitted domains run by JamieFrozen-starFrozen-starsStellarRecoveringbeauty.blogspot.comRecoveringbeauty.wordpress.com.