How Bonnie Combs spends New Years Eve

December 31, 2013

How does Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa child predator and psychopath, spend her new years eve? Why tweeting and blogging lies under her alias of Chretienne Ouelette at and of course! Are you surprised? We're not. Bonnie has been proved a liar in every aspect of her life yet she continues with her ridiculous lies of being a mother, wife, friend, professor at osu, cancer survivor, ex heroin junkie and god knows what else. You know the bitch is cray-cray when she continues to lie about her waste of a life despite being publicly exposed and currently being laughed at by over 50,000 people on a daily basis. What can we say? Schizophrenia is one hell of a disease. 

What else? Bonnie also spent her NYE blogging lies about Krystal Draper, a kick-ass woman that Bonnie is truly jealous of and has some sort of creepy lesbian fixation for. Bonnie blogged more about how jealous she is of her and her life and even her tablet. How pathetic is that? We're still waiting for those screenshots Bonnie. 

Here's hoping Bonnie makes a positive change very soon for 2014, removes all of her defamatory material and leaves her many victims alone for good because many of them are making a trip to Tulsa in February to press charges and the officer who is helping them made it very clear that Bonnie will go to jail when they press charges. It's not a matter of going to court and whatnot at this point. Bonnie will go to jail for at least 5 years and she and her hick, incest freak, obese welfare family will be sued for millions. Bonnie will be paying her victims long after her sole providers, Mommy Patricia and Daddy Clinton die. Guess Bonnie will have to suck more dick for $10 a pop and sell more of her stolen oxycontin pills on the streets of Tulsa! Oh wellz. 

Here's to another great year of exposing this pathetic fat trash-bag for what she really is- a joke! And here's to karma and justice which is coming Bonnie's way very soon. 

.P.S. Bonnie's new ip address!

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2013

Ange here wishing our many visitors, friends and followers a very happy new year! And not to worry, I can guarantee you all we'll continue to blog often into the new year- considering Bonnie Combs has yet to stop the lies (pretending to have children, a job and friends, etcetera...) and apologize to the hundreds of people she's stalked, defamed and harassed, so we'll continue to expose her as the pathetic, lying, mental case that she is!

We'll have some screenshots here soon proving that Bonnie is caught in another lie on Daily Krystal and that's why she can't post proof even a month later! We have the video of Bonnie engaging in incestual intercourse with her brother Clinton and his wife, although we might not post it. We're undecided. It's pretty disturbing and ya'll will probably lose your lunch by viewing it, so you've been warned.

We received an interesting e-mail from one of Bonnie's victims who claimed Bonnie attempted to blackmail her and Bonnie said "I will only remove my material on you if you pay me $5,000 and send me photos of your daughter naked." Her daughter is only 5 years old so this information is disturbing to say the least but not at all surprising. Bonnie Combs has shown that she's obsessed with children and we would not be surprised to learn that she's a child molester. This information has been passed on to the Tulsa police department where many detectives have been actively pursuing a case again her and plan on arresting her soon for a series of other crimes- both online and offline.

See you all in 2014!

Bonnie forgets one of her lies... again!

December 22, 2013

Remember when we blogged about Bonnie never mentioning her apparent child named "Chloe" because she doesn't exist and Bonnie blogged about her the next day but hasn't since? Remember how Bonnie blogged about having gangrene and having her leg amputated on December 24th but yet she hasn't mentioned anything about the amputation and surgery? Why? Because she's a career liar and an idiot who can't even keep up with her own lies. Bonnie Michelle Combs is the biggest liar on the internet and in the whole entire world.

Bonnie Combs is also claiming her weight is down to 131 lbs. Don't believe that. That's another one of her lies. Perhaps her weight is down to 331 lbs but it'll never be below 300 lbs because Bonnie Combs is an obese whale who is too lazy to leave her childhood bed yet alone exercise. She claims to be tall and to have never been morbidly obese. Oh lawd. Does Bonnie think if she repeats these lies a million times that she herself might believe them? Probably. Unfortunately nobody else is buying it. We all know the real Bonnie Combs and it ain't pretty. And it certainly is not who Bonnie claims to be on the internet. Who makes up a dozen fake lives and aliases online anyway? Lulser.

At least Bonnie is honest about one thing- her messy childhood bedroom and her need to get off her fat, lazy ass and clean it... but we know that'll never happen. Her parents are fat, psychotic losers like her and have never helped Bonnie become a normal, functioning person in society which is why Bonnie is, at 33, still living with her parents in her childhood bedroom, living off food stamps and disability while cyberbullying awesome people on the internet that she wishes she could be and making up fake lies for attention even though nobody visits her blog(s) except to laugh at her dumb ass.

There's more talk about the non-existent ex boyfriend named Dave- yet another one of Bonnie's aliases. I'm sure Bonnie believes that Dave really exists. Of course he does exist but only inside Bonnie's fucked-up delusional head. Unfortunately for Bonnie, no man would ever want to date her. Bonnie Combs is too fat too fuck, too ugly to cover her face with a paper bag and too psychotic and pathetic to even tolerate being around. Bonnie has never had a boyfriend and she never will. The same can be said for friends. She has none and never will.

Of course now Bonnie is claiming Dave died last year. Gosh. There's always something tragic happening in her life, isn't there? Don't buy it. None of it is true. Bonnie Combs is one of those pathetic losers who thrives off of sympathy. She suffers from many mental disorders but she also suffers from the "pity me" syndrome. Actually, I worded that wrong- Bonnie has the pity me syndrome but all of those in her life suffer from it and suffer from her psychotic wrath of terrorizing people on a daily basis and attempting to ruin people's lives because she's so insanely jealous of them.

God Bonnie, you're such a pathetic waste of space. Do the world a favour and delete your shitty blogs and hate blogs and check yourself into the Tulsa mental hospital immediately before you hurt more people.

Non-Stop Bullshit for Christmas!

December 20, 2013

Bonnie is now claiming to have gangrene and in need of immediate amputation over at Actually, we believe this part to be true. Bonnie likely will lose her leg frm being an obese loser who never walks and never leaves her childhood bed. Diabetes and rampant obesity kinda does to that person. So does karma and karma has been waiting to visit Bonnie's crazy ass for a while.

Is it true? Probably not. But it's hilarious! God knows it's rare that Bonnie aka Jamie aka Chretienne aka Pixie aka Laura aka Christine ever tells the truth about her pathetic existence. Bonnie is one of those fucked up pathetic human beings who craves attention, even negative attention and loves sympathy so she regularly creates sob stories on the internet for attention. You'll notice she never has any proof to back up her claims, such as her non-existent child "Zinnia", and that's because she never tells the truth.

Of course Bonnie is still rolling with the lie that she has a husband. Dennis doesn't actually exist. When she says Dennis she's actually talking about Clinton, her fat alcoholic father whom she's been having an incest relationship with since she was a moderately overweight and grossly unpopular teenage girl.

Bonnie Lies... AGAIN!

December 06, 2013

Remember when Bonnie claimed that Krystal threatened to murder her yet here it is over a month later and she's still unable to post proof?

Remember how Bonnie said she reported Krystal to the Tulsa police, North bay police and Brantford police?

Well that was a lie. Are you surprised? Bonnie is the internet's biggest liar. It's her only hobby. And here's proof:


Thanks Krys! Can't wait for you to visit Tulsa, press charges and have fat fuck Bonnie locked up for life!

Bonnie Michelle Combs visited by the Tulsa police 02/12/2013

December 03, 2013

We were contacted by one of Bonnie's many victims earlier today. A victim who wishes to remain anonymous but we're sure you can put two and two together and will know who this victim is when you reach the end of this post.

The Tulsa police department visited Bonnie Combs at home on Monday, December 2nd, 2013. Bonnie admitted to the police that she does, in fact, run the Daily Krystal blog and that yes, she is, Pixie Maguire. No surprise there. BUT!!! She apologized to the police, was scared shitless and crying, promising to delete the blogs, stop harassing and defaming people and move on with her "life."

Since that time, Bonnie updated that same blog in an obvious rage and promised to never delete it. Vowed to keep the blog going until the end of time! Basically proving herself to be an insanely jealous fucktard who is beyond help. (Not that we didn't already figure that one out!) And continued with even worse defamation of Krystal, harassment then moved on to threatening to kill Krystal on a public twitter account that has since been suspended.

The victim who contacted us, I'm sure you've all figured out who it is by now, is now filing a protective order and stalking case against Bonnie which will mean that if Bonnie updates the blog one more time after the order is filed, she will go to jail. It also means that Bonnie will go to jail for threatening to murder Krystal.

With that said, Krystal and two other victims will have to travel to Tulsa and spend two weeks there in order to file the report, attend court and ensure that Bonnie is promptly arrested and incarcerated. If you would like to donate to their travel expenses please contact us. The email is in the sidebar.

Bonnie, your time has come. Are you scared? You should be.

.P.S. An uber awesome sauce lady made an archive of Bonnie's abuse dating back to 1999! Check it out here and check this out too!

More Screenshots, More Proof, More Usernames and More of Bonnie's lies

November 16, 2013

This is a screenshot of Bonnie's or "Christine Starr" (as she liked to go by back then) blogger profile in 2005. This profile dates back to the year 2000.


Here is a screenshot of the exact same blogger profile in 2010 with new bogus information, another stolen photo of a woman who is most definitely NOT Bonnie and the blogger profile lists the email address: Keep that email address in mind because it will come up again in other screenshots.


Here is a screenshot of the exact same blogger profile now with her current bogus information:


The connection. This email address was used to register three domain names including and (Ring a bell anyone? "Pixie Maguire" Hint. Hint.) which are two of Bonnie's personal domains and But I thought "Christine" wasn't Bonnie Combs? More proof folks. She'll have to stop denying the truth sooner or later unless she's so insane that she cannot keep up with all of her different personalities and bogus life stories let alone her real name.


The and Bonnie Combs connection. Seems that Bonnie used to go by the username "ohnoitsbonnie" Bonnie stole the domain name from Katy McGreevey, another awesome young woman that Bonnie is jealous of, many years ago when Katy owned


Here's another screenshot about murder and child molestation. Two sick subjects that the average mind rarely ever thinks about but Bonnie thinks about both daily. Why? Because Bonnie Combs is a psychopath who wants to kill people and molest children.


Here is a screenshot of an entry on Bonnie's old domain name back in 2004 when Bonnie went by the name Christine and claimed to have five children and a husband named Sean. She also claimed to have a sister named Rachel Combs that killed herself. We researched this tidbit of information and guess what? It never happened. Not only that but Rachel Combs never existed. This is just another one of Bonnie's fucked up lies designed to get attention from her unsuspecting victims.


And here is an older screenshot of Bonnie Combs yet again attempting to blackmail and extort innocent people. Back then it was Katy McGreevey and now it's Krystal Draper. Two beautiful, talented and successful women that Bonnie is insanely jealous of.


Bonnie has been defaming and harassing both of them for years, as well as their friends and family. When Katy had a child several years ago, Bonnie went insane with rage and jealousy and threatened to kidnap, molest and murder that child. Now Bonnie is attempting to extort and blackmail Krystal online so she won't post the truth about her. Too bad it's not Krystal running this blog. Krystal has nothing to do with any of this and hasn't posted about Bonnie anywhere online. Bonnie has no idea who we are and this blog is not going anywhere.

Several people have been alerting the Tulsa authorities to Bonnie's psychotic antics every day. It's only a matter of time before the authorities hit up her incestual love shack at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa, arrest her fat ass, charge her with several offences and have her locked up permanently in a mental hospital with absolutely no internet access.

And we can't wait!

Just Stop the Lies

Bonnie Combs' hate blog (and personal blogs) is in a state of decline. Well, actually, Bonnie is having a mental breakdown of some sort. This seems to be the norm in her life. Why doesn't a friend or relative step in and shut her up and get her the help she clearly needs? Oh, wait, that's right... Bonnie doesn't have any friends and all of her relatives hate her. How could I forget? But I digress... Let's move onto the purpose of this entry.

A Different Blog | A Different Story | A Different Personality - Chretienne Ouelette - Sand Springs, Oklahoma - Professor at OSU - Married with two children - Christine Armstrong - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Student - Married with four children - Christine and Dennis - Married - Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Unemployed - Single with no children and presumed crazy (her true self)

I almost want to give crazy Bonnie Combs an award for trying so hard and for being such a successful liar. After all she has fooled her few moronic minions and many naive people online for nearly fourteen years! Is there such thing as an accomplished liar award? Probably not. If such an award existed it would be the only award/certificate/degree that Bonnie would ever receive. I'm not so sure that being a professional liar is something to be proud of anyway.

As per usual Bonnie is blogging lies- on one blog her non-existent friend named "Richie" passed away and she is mourning his loss. Notice how often people die in Bonnie's life? Don't fall for it. It's another pathetic lie that Bonnie made up for pity and attention. On her other blog she's praising her "big, luscious brain." Why hasn't anyone informed her yet that her brain is in fact quite useless and pea-sized and that she really isn't intelligent at all? And on yet another one of her blogs (how many blogs does this crazy bitch need? A blog for each personality?) she's claiming to have gone out on a pity date with a non-existent ex-boyfriend. I'm assuming he is the one who consider it a pity date. Honestly how could anyone not pity the person who has to interact with this crazy fat bitch in person? - Lies, Attention Seeking and Non-Stop Bullshit

November 11, 2013

Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa sociopath and child predator, wrote yet another retarded entry full of lies, attention seeking and non-stop bullshit at We decided to post it here for all to laugh at complete with our corrections because we know how much ya'll love that!


Not only am I not going to a New Year’s party, not going to get drunk off my ass, but I’m also changing the theme here.

I feel shaky thinking about lying about getting drunk tonight and not seeing some friends because I don't have any. But I don't have the love of Dennis and my friends behind me because Dennis doesn't exist and I'm a fat lard with no friends outside of my retarded imagination.

Dennis didn't write wrote and put together a new love song for me because he doesn't exist outside of my psychotic imagination. I am not a very happy, very lucky, very much in love, person.

Much more accurate.

Theft, Lies and 9/11 Bullshit!

November 07, 2013


Notice she doesn't talk about this "Peter" character anymore? That's because he never existed. She made up his existence and suicide for attention, as per usual!


Bonnie hadn't mentioned this Poe character until yesterday, one week AFTER we questioned why Bonnie stopped talking about her. She hadn't mentioned "Poe" for nearly ten years. Why? Because Poe, like Chloe, Zinnia, Dennis, Micah, etc... does not exist. She is yet another figment of Bonnie's extensive (and psychotic) imagination.


Bonnie finally admits to all of her mental disorders. She is certifiably insane! Surprised? No? We didn't think so. Paranoia, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive. You name it, Bonnie Combs has got it! Bonnie also admits to living with her mother and having always done so! *Smirk*


Bonnie's made up delusional tales of abuse by her mother Patricia. FYI: It's actually the other way around. Bonnie frequently beats Patricia when she won't let Bonnie use her credit card to buy stolen domain names and food stamps to buy coca cola and cheetos! Lulz!


Bonnie's made up husband and children. None of whom ever existed. She is actually speaking about her cousin Misty's children. Who impersonates their own cousin? Obsessed much? What a freak!


More attention seeking lies!


The James connection! image

Bonnie lies about living near Washington, lies about her father working for the federal government and lies about her uncle being inside the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks. Remember we recently posted a screenshot of her claiming to have been inside the towers during the attack and how her father barely survived? Bonnie Combs is a liar and a psychopath who has a different bullshit story for each domain name. Classic symptoms of schizophrenia, folks! What a psycho!


A few things to note:

  • This blog has become quite popular in the past week. We've been pushing 100 visits a day! Keep sending in your comments, emails, photos and stories folks!

  • A woman contacted us last week with a story about how she donated $50 to Bonnie after reading another one of Bonnie's made up sob stories on her stolen domain name Bonnie then asked this woman for more money and when this woman denied her, Bonnie actually hacked into her paypal and stole $200 in funds!

Do not donate any money to Bonnie Combs. She is a thief and a con artist who has been convicted of extortion and fraud in the past. She is the biggest liar on the internet. Her entire internet life is a lie. She makes up sob stories because she thrives off of the attention even when it's pity and negative attention. If you encounter her, block her and report her immediately.

More to come!

Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, OK - Arrested for Child Abduction!

November 05, 2013

Bonnie Combs was arrested by the Tulsa police last week for child abduction! We received information on her case. She is so psychotic that she actually tried to steal Misty's children! It's not already bad enough that crazy Bonnie Combs is impersonating her but now she's trying to take what's hers!

Mugshots to come.

Stop Hating Normal People

October 28, 2013

Because they endorsed Bonnie Combs behaviour about how all of her victims are fat, drug dealing, whores who needs to kill themselves. Anyone who thinks someone else deserves death because they shed light and the truth on Bonnie's lies is truly fucked up in the head. And that just-so happens to describe Bonnie Combs perfectly.

Bonnie calls all of her victims a liar but they all have evidence to back up their claims. What does Bonnie have? Pictures of three different people and a claim that they are all the same person under different names. Even a retard could see that those are three different people. Bonnie can’t fool everyone and 90% of her traffic is from people who are laughing at her or seeing what fucked up thing is going to come out of her mouth next.

We can produce screen caps of Bonnie's blogs gone by, posts by other tumblr users and bloggers who were burned by her, her lies, Encyclopedia Dramatica pages and several exposé blogs created by her hundreds of victims dating back to as early as 1999.

Right now, we would love it if Bonnie would just leave everyone alone, remove her thousands of hateblogs and stop destroying people out of envy. But Bonnie Combs always needs someone better than her to target.

Bonnie is madly in love with all of her victims and she follows them around like the sick psycho that she is. Bonnie thinks that because her victims ignore her 100% of the time, they must be responding to her callings of love. Bonnie thinks that every little thing her victims do is due to her.

Why are we calling Bonnie Combs sick? Because one of us has a degree in psychology. This person can make clinical observations on this bitch. Bonnie Combs thinks everything her victims write is about her or her drug dealing father Clinton Combs (who she deals crack cocaine with and fucks daily) and we are all sick of it.

We are not doing anything to this psychotic twat and Bonnie has no proof that we are. We, however, have proof of her impersonating thousands of people, harassment, threatening to murder her victims, hoarding stolen photos and child pornography, and so on.

The Bonnie Combs and Crystal Larson connection

October 25, 2013

We noticed quite some time ago that "Pixie Maguire" aka Bonnie Combs' other ego was using the email "" as a contact address on daily krystal. That email pointed to a rather trashy looking woman name Crystal Larson from Oklahoma City on facebook.

Of course when confronted with the evidence Bonnie claimed the old owner used that email and that nobody named Crystal Larson was ever involved with the website. Now, we do believe that miss Larson wasn't involved because Bonnie likes to use people's names and identities without their permission but we have found out how Bonnie acquired her na me and email address!

Apparently Bonnie Combs and Crystal Larson are actually related. Cousins. I wonder how miss Larson would feel if she knew her cousin was using her identity on an illegal hate blog full of child pornography and death threats? Bonnie Combs has, after all, already used Misty Combs' identity publicly so what's one more?

Bonnie Combs - Lies, Bullshit and Idiotic Comments

Bonnie Combs posted yet another bullshit entry full of lies on her stolen blog, comatised. We'll quote the best parts of the entry with our commentary since you all love it so much!

"I think global warning is actually real since the snow sticks around now." - Bonnie Combs admits to being an idiot in a very public way. Everybody knows that global warming exists. The only people who doubt this tend to be uneducated and ignorant hicks living in Oklahoma and other inbred states that intelligent people like to avoid. She spelled 'warming' wrong too. Priceless!

"Global Warming. It doesn’t necessarily mean the world is getting hotter." - Once again. Bonnie Combs is a god damn idiot. These quotes speak for themselves, folks!

"I went bowling with Dennis and some other friends yesterday. I bowled a 244 with eight strikes!" - Once again, Dennis doesn't exist and Bonnie Combs doesn't have any friends. Her so-called friends only exist inside her delusional mind. Bonnie did not go bowling, nor did she bowl a 244 with eight strikes. Bonnie is too fat and lazy to leave her childhood twin-sized bed, let alone her parents house where she permanently resides.

"I was surprised I could even pick up the ball what with my left arm being numb now. It cured itself." - *Cough* Bullshit! *Cough* Notice how Bonnie is always suffeering from some sort of ailment? Her leg amputation story is as much of a lie as her having cancer was. Now, it's entirely possible that Bonnie does suffer from leg numbness considering she's a morbidly obese loser who survives on junk food and never exercises.

"The new semester started today. I’m pretty sad that several of my students didn’t pass their fall semester and they weren’t joining us for the spring semester. I had a few complaints about my teaching methods in the office, but nothing that was serious. It seems that I make tests “too hard” and “ask stupid questions” on the test." - Bonnie is continuing with the bullshit story that she's a professor at Oklahoma State University in Tulsa, Oklahoma under the fictional name of "Chretienne Ouelette" even though it's been proven several times that she does not work there, nor has she ever attended school there. That's schizophrenia for you. Bonnie Combs is living in a crazy, deluded la-la land that exists only in her feeble little mind.

"I’m happy to say that my ex is becoming friends with Dennis." - Once again, Dennis doesn't exist. An ex-boyfriend doesn't exist either. We proved this many times. Whackjob.

"Chloe is going to marry his oldest." - Chloe doesn't exist either. We proved this many times. Nutjob.

"I remember and learned from my past." - Bonnie is delusional. We all know Bonnie doesn't remember her past and never learns from anything. If she did then she would stop creating pathetic lies on the internet for all 10,000+ of us to laugh at and she would stop creating hateblogs on blogger about people she's jealous of which will soon land her fat ass in prison.

Bonnie Combs hired prostitute and more anonymous talks!

October 20, 2013

Word on craigslist is Bonnie Combs really is a prostitute! And men only pay $20 for her services. Lulz!


More anonymous talks! Here's some screenshots of real people with real opinions. Seems nobody likes crazy Bonnie Combs!




.P.S. A friend of ours received harassing phone calls by this number 716-903-0039 out of Buffalo, NY (14216) Call it and give this lulser a taste of their own medicine!


October 16, 2013


Bonnie Combs' parents: convicted child molester Clinton Casey Combs and animal abuser meth head Patricia Combs!

Bonnie Combs: Psychopath and compulsive liar

October 11, 2013


Bonnie Combs is currently watching Hardcore Pawn while working? Nice try, dumbo. OSU confirmed months ago that crazy obese bitch doesn’t work there. Bonnie is so nuts she can’t admit defeat. She doesn’t know when to stop! FYI Hardcore Pawn is only watched by fat ass hicks who live in trailers. Go figure.

Deletion of

October 07, 2013

Chretienne aka Christine aka Christina aka Dennis aka Matt aka Lance aka Pixie Maguire aka Bonnie Combs deleted her main blog at Why bother? We know it's you and we're still able to access all of it's hilarious and pathetic content. Hell, it might be the only website where she was even remotely honest about her pitiful existence but I suppose she would rather continue to spin her web of lies at her many other websites:,,, (domain name stolen from Krys aka the girl Bonnie wishes she could be),,,,, There's a different personality and bullshit life story for each one!


FYI: Bonnie was somewhat honest about her pathetic excuse for a life on She talked about being single because she is single. She talked about not being a mother because she's not a mother. She talked about having diabetes and not cancer because she does not have cancer. She talked about losing weight because she's an obese whale. This is why she deleted it's content. She'd rather continue with a sad sack of lies despite being exposed many times.

Unfortunately for her, google cache and web archive exist and we were able to screenshot all of the previous content on



Bonnie Combs has been using yet another one of her many personalities "Pixie Maguire" to publicly defame an innocent woman and call her a liar but it's actually been proven that Bonnie is the liar. Not Krystal, who has been nothing but kind and fully able (and willing!) to prove that she is truthful in every aspect of her life all while doing virtually nothing to harm anyone except expose those who have attempted to ruin her life for years. So why does Bonnie continue with the harassment? Easy answer. Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a jealous, bitter psychopath. She's done this to innocent victims for years and she will continue to do so until someone puts a stop to it. And that is exactly what we aim to do here on this blog.

What Tulsaites really think of Bonnie Combs!

October 04, 2013

When crazy child molester Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma isn't creating lies and, she can be found abusing her mother and stealing her credit cards, allowing her plumbing to become so backed up that her shit spills out on her front lawn, selling meth on the street corner, shooting dogs from her back door, sleeping with her own flesh and blood brother Clint and threatening to kill neighbourhood children. This is 100% true folks! We've been emailed by SO many people from Tulsa and not one of them likes Bonnie or her crazy, hick family! 

When the Tulsa police visited Bonnie last week about her threatening to murder Krystal Draper, a woman Bonnie is super jealous of and wishes she could be, they confiscated several stolen computers, a pound of meth and three hard drives containing child pornography! In short, Bonnie is looking at a severe jail sentence once these belongings are proven to be hers- and we all know they are. 

In the meantime, Bonnie has taken to making up more lies on Daily Krystal, accusing an innocent woman of harassing and threatening her yet unable to prove any of it! For your information everyone, Bonnie Combs is the only person horrible and cruel enough to think that for exposing her shit-assedness to the world that someone deserves to die. That is proven in her blogspot blogs. The North bay and Brantford police have been contacted and there has been no report filed on Krystal from Bonnie Combs, Jamie Vaughn, Pixie Maguire, Chretienne Ouelette, Christine Armstrong or any of her other 500 personalities or anybody else for that matter! 

It's all a lies folks! Don't believe a word Bonnie says. Not that any of you do. We're contacted daily by many people who visit that blog and laugh at how ridiculous it is and how pathetic and crazy Bonnie sounds. Bonnie Combs is forever playing dueling banjos inside her head with all of her lies and personalities. She is truly a pathetic and crazy fat fuck who will soon to be spending her last days locked inside a padded cell- free from torturing anyone else online. And that's why she is so mad and making up such ridiculous lies. She's petrified! Lulz! 

Bonnie claims to have copies of the tweet but is unable to share it which is total bullshit because you can always share tweets, regardless of if the person who tweeted is involved in a case or not. Google cache and web archive bring up nothing from Krystal's twitter but plenty of psychotic threats from Bonnie's! More proof that Bonnie the fat hog is lying out her enormous ass- as per usual! 

So once again, yawn. Bonnie! You're so crazy! Nobody is falling for your shit. Go punch your Mom and steal her credit card so you can buy another expensive iphone that you don't need all while stalking gorgeous women online and pretending to be your awesome cousin Misty- who is now BFF's with us and all of your victims. We'll be here laughing at you along with the Tulsa police, Brantford police and North bay police who have referred to you as a fat crazy yahoo who should have been aborted. We'll see you in court soon and we'll spit in your ugly face when they drag your lard ass off to jail. Keep on losing, lulser!

Bonnie Combs - Hilarious Screencaps!

While Bonnie Combs was busy blogging about how jealous she is of Krystal Draper, her tablet, her boyfriend and that she can afford to buy her own things (something Bonnie will never be able to do because she has to beat up her morbidly obese and dying mother Patricia Combs and steal her credit card in order to buy anything) we were busy laughing hysterically at her pathetic online antics and exposing her even more to people who actually know her in real life and can't fucking stand her crazy lard ass!

First and foremost Bonnie is still pretending to be Misty Combs on her public facebook account under the name of "Chretienne Ouelette." It's all cool though. We sent Misty the link to her facebook, twitter and website. Misty has already reported Bonnie to the Tulsa police- which added up to be the 73rd report on Bonnie in the past month, and Misty will also be working with Krystal when she flies to Tulsa in February to prosecute Bonnie's dumb ass!


What else is new and lulztacular? Why Bonnie Combs twitter page of course! As if Bonnie couldn't get more pathetic and desperate- She's now lying even more on her twitter page and claiming herself to be "one super cool babe." LULZ! Who does she think she's fooling? We've all seen the photos of her ugly mug. She's one super fat and super ugly babe. And by babe, we mean Babe the Pig! LMAO. And super cool? Only in her own mind. Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa terrorist, was despised by everybody in high school and as an adult she's despised by everybody in real life, both on and off the internet!


Stay pathetic Bonnie! We'll keep exposing your dumb ass here and laughing at you for all the world to see, and laugh with us! Can't wait to see you locked up in jail in Tulsa for several crimes where you'll have no access to the internet and will never be able to stalk or harass another person you wish you could be ever again!

Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Impersonating an employee of OSU

September 28, 2013

It's been proven time and time again that Bonnie Combs is not an employee of Oklahoma State University Centre for Health Sciences. Neither is Chretienne Ouelette, Jamie Vaughn, Christine Armstrong, Christina, Tobi, Pixie Maguire, Ceej, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

So why continue the impersonation? Does Bonnie really think she's fooling anyone? Or is she so deep into her lies and so mentally unstable that she's begun to believe them herself? Based on all we've seen and Bonnie's psychotic antics online dating back to 1999 I'm going to assume the latter is true.

So where did Bonnie get the idea to impersonate an employee of OSU? Is it a dream of hers, being that Bonnie doesn't have a high school diploma let alone a university degree? Possibly. But we've also discovered that two of her relatives have worked at OSU in the past: Julie Combs and Deborah Combs.

Bonnie Combs is not only pretending to be married with children by impersonating her relative Misty Combs but she's also impersonating her relatives Julie and Deborah Combs by pretending to be an employee of OSU. This is considered fraud and is punishable with several years in jail. Being the nice folks that we are and being that we really hate crazy people who lie for a living, we chose to notify OSU and the police of her impersonation.

Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a creepy pedophile

September 19, 2013

For the last three days, Bonnie Combs aka Jamie Vaughn aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Pixie Maguire aka Christine Armstrong has been scanning the internet looking for photos of Renee Stage's young daughter. She's gone so far as to make Facebook profiles in the names of Katy McGreevey, Shawn Sackenheim, Frank Buschelmann, and even Zak Bagins, pretending to have a love interest in Renee so she'd add the profile made fifteen minutes prior with only her as a friend. She did this, we assume, to get images of Renee and the infant she was going to smash on the floor so she could masturbate to them and share them with the rest of the sex offenders living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stalk harder, idiot.

Side Actors - Angela Marie Autry / Angela Marie Medcalf

September 13, 2013

We have decided to do a monthly feature on this blog about the side actors, or crazies, who have been contributing to the harassment of innocent people on the internet alongside Bonnie Combs for many years. Who will be featured this week? None other than Cracked-Out Drag Queen Angela Marie Medcalf Autry! You may ask why we decided to feature her on our blog. Well, we decided to because Angela has been harassing and bullying others out of envy since as early as 2004 (How pathetic!) and Angela hasn't exactly lived a perfect life so we felt she should be exposed as the trash that she truly is.

You may remember Angela from her days as "Army Wifer" from or from You might even recognize her as "Just Angela" from Suicide Girls (#!) (further proving that some men are desperate enough to wack-off to anything, even if it's a transvestite.) Hell, you might even recognize Angela from when she fucked a fat ass, total stranger, for $200 under the alias of "Sasha" with Broke Amateurs. Disgusting, right? #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11

If you can recall, Angela used to blog about her life working in the dental field and being a military wife to John Medcalf while living in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously John ditched Angela for a pretty, sane and successful woman several years ago which quickly led to Angela acting like more of a psycho than ever!

So what happened? Angela began dating several young, drug-addled losers who would fuck any thing if it meant getting laid, even if said sex came gift wrapped with some nasty STDs. After one of the pill popper boyfriends ditched Angela in New York, she moved back to Atlanta where she was promptly arrested for DUI and of course, arrested many more times after that: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8.
Arrest records: #1, #2

Did Angela learn from her mistakes? Of course not. Deemed unemployable due to her huge criminal record, Angela did one video for Broke Amateurs before moving to Franklin Park, New Jersey to sponge off of a man she met on the internet. She became pregnant shortly after and thankfully gave the child up for adoption - saving him from a life of abuse and neglect. As far as we know Angela is currently working at a McDonald's (it's not like an eight month wannabe degree from Everest college aka the school for losers would ever get her anywhere in life anyway) and living the shitty life, which she deserves. Karma, right?

Angela might not want to be casting judgment on appearances when she herself looks like a cracked out drag queen with bad teeth and 3 breasts.
" - What real people think of Angela Medcalf Autry, the rat-faced anorexic with the body of a 12 year old.

Bonnie Combs Ultimate Liar

September 09, 2013

We really don't need to count all of Bonnie Combs' lies to come to the blatantly obvious conclusion that Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the ultimate liar. She quite literally lies for a living. She does it for attention and to scam innocent people out of their hard earned oney. Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is nothing more than a fat, lazy, schizophrenic scum bag and a scam artist just like her parents Patricia Combs and Clinton Combs.

Bonnie Combs has lied about having cancer, having a career at OSU, being a chemist with Tulsa and Broken Arrow PD, having a university degree, being a mother, having a husband, being a victim of 9/11, being a heroin addict and the list goes on and on. She lied about having cancer in order to scam people out of several thousand dollars. A crime that has been reported to the police and is punishable with 5 years in prison.

Her latest lie? Bonnie Combs is now claiming to be an epileptic. Unfortunately for her, one of our bloggers here is a true epileptic and can tell when a scuzzy bitch is lying. She cannot even properly describe a seizure. Who lies about being epileptic anyway? What a moronic cunt!

She's still impersonating an employee of OSU despite the university itself confirming that she does not work there, never has and did not even attend university there. FYI: We speak with certain OSU employees regularly. It is not midterm week. The people of OSU think you're a fucking joke and a psychopath and are considering pressing charges against you because it is illegal to impersonate an employee of any company.

In closing, Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a pathetic, deluded cunt who likes to pretend to be a certain type of person for attention and pretend to be sick for pity. In reality, Bonnie M. Combs is nothing more than a fat whale with a grade 9 education who lives off of her disabled mother Patricia Combs and rarely, if ever, leaves her childhood bedroom at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa.


September 05, 2013

A funny email was sent to me earlier today. There's a rumor sliding around lil' ole' Tulsa Oklahoma that Bonnie Comb's cannot support her drug addiction on her mommy Patty's welfare check, so she really has been selling her ass on the streets of Tulsa! Then, the other night, she had an undercover detective ask her for a blow job, paid all of $10 to her, and after she completely sucked his dick, he arrested her for prostitution! When she was arrested, several kilos of meth and cocaine was discovered in her pockets, and she was convicted before a judge and jury of possession of controlled substances!

How was the weather in the Tulsa prison, Bonnie Combs? LMFAO!!

Is it true?

Very likely, YES!

Do I care if it's true? Nope. It's funny as hell and probably really happened, so anyone wanting her to come work for them, this is what you are hiring! A coked up prostitute! Enjoy your employee! Or girlfriend, or whatever you're hiring her to be for the night.

Bonnie Combs pretends to have surgery and begs for her fictitious husband Dennis

September 01, 2013

In typical schizophrenic fashion, crazy ol' Bonnie M. Combs concocted a brand new lie today! Bonnie M. Combs is now lying about having emergency surgery at St. John's Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She even begs for her fictitious husband Dennis to visit her. (Dennis is actually Bonnie Combs' father Clinton but she pretends he's her husband on the internet. She's probably fucked Clinton too! Sick bitch.) She mentions how much she hates to be alone in the hospital. Sucks to be you, Bonnie. Everybody hates your crazy ass. Even your alter-egos! LOL. I guess she needed to come up with some new attention seeking material to spew since she was exposed as a liar in every other aspect of her pathetic life.


Moar Lies and Moar Lulz!

August 29, 2013

Crazy Tulsa-ite Bonnie Combs finally found enough hooker money to bail herself out of jail and made up a more hilarious lies on her blog,!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because of my stalker, and how this will get her off, but I have to vent and there’s no other place like the present, in front of everyone, that I should write. Air my dirty laundry, so to say.

Dennis and I had a disagreement, and I spent Thanksgiving away from my family. Alone. I’ve been alone for nearly a week now, and I have to say that I miss that silly bunch. I would give anything to get in good with him. How people can walk away from their families is so hard for me to believe, to conceive. I simply cannot do it. So I spent the holiday in sadness, with just my own pity for company. That’s where I have been these past few days. Wallowing in what little bit of pity that has stayed around to keep me company. On Thanksgiving and again yesterday I tried to talk to Dennis, but he’s just not hearing it. I don’t want to spend Christmas and New Year’s alone too.

Let's convert those lies into truths for ya'll!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because the people I've been stalking and harassing for ten years finally caught me and now I'm butthurt because I can't take what I dish out and my lies are being exposed publicly but I'm so crazy I'll keep going with them anyway. Please send help!

My mother Patricia and I had a disagreement because I stole her credit card to order more domains with and she kicked me out of the house. I physically abused her when she tried to throw me out and she called the police and had me arrested. That is why I spent Thanksgiving away from my "family", alone for nearly a week and in a jail cell where I belong. Please pity me because I'll die without the attention and while you're at it paypal me $500 so I can buy domain names and cheetos.


Thousands of Accounts... Here's Just the Tip of the Icecap

August 17, 2013

This is just SOME of them:,,,,,,,,,,,, (where she lies about past jobs and education),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (where she pretends to have cancer in order to scam people out of money),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://recovering,

Need there be anymore proof? And can someone tell us who this Jessica Elaine person is and why Bonnie Combs went by that name as well as Christine Armstrong, Chretienne Ouelette, Pixie Maguire, Jamie Vaughn, Jamie Betancourt, Tobi, "Ceej", and about 25 other names in the past 10 years? * Smirk * 

Bonnie M. Combs aka Patricia A. Combs aka Jamie Vaughn aka Christine Armstrong aka Pixie Maguire aka Chretienne Ouelette of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a creepy pedophile who not only collects photos of random young children but also of naked women.

Angela Marie Autry Medcalf / Georgia, New Jersey

August 16, 2013




Angela Marie Medcalf Autry

Lawrenceville, Georgia / Atlanta, Georgia / Forsynth, Georgia / Bell Meade, New Jersey / Princeton, New Jersey / Smyrna, Georgia / Bridle Path, Hillsborough, New Jersey / Farmingdale, New Jersey

Dominicus Ct, Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Taggert Dr, Belle Mead, NJ 08502


John Medcalf, John Autry /

Arrest Records & Mugshots: #1, #2, #3, #4