Moar Lies and Moar Lulz!

August 29, 2013

Crazy Tulsa-ite Bonnie Combs finally found enough hooker money to bail herself out of jail and made up a more hilarious lies on her blog,!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because of my stalker, and how this will get her off, but I have to vent and there’s no other place like the present, in front of everyone, that I should write. Air my dirty laundry, so to say.

Dennis and I had a disagreement, and I spent Thanksgiving away from my family. Alone. I’ve been alone for nearly a week now, and I have to say that I miss that silly bunch. I would give anything to get in good with him. How people can walk away from their families is so hard for me to believe, to conceive. I simply cannot do it. So I spent the holiday in sadness, with just my own pity for company. That’s where I have been these past few days. Wallowing in what little bit of pity that has stayed around to keep me company. On Thanksgiving and again yesterday I tried to talk to Dennis, but he’s just not hearing it. I don’t want to spend Christmas and New Year’s alone too.

Let's convert those lies into truths for ya'll!

"Things at home have been bad. I am hesitant to write it out here because the people I've been stalking and harassing for ten years finally caught me and now I'm butthurt because I can't take what I dish out and my lies are being exposed publicly but I'm so crazy I'll keep going with them anyway. Please send help!

My mother Patricia and I had a disagreement because I stole her credit card to order more domains with and she kicked me out of the house. I physically abused her when she tried to throw me out and she called the police and had me arrested. That is why I spent Thanksgiving away from my "family", alone for nearly a week and in a jail cell where I belong. Please pity me because I'll die without the attention and while you're at it paypal me $500 so I can buy domain names and cheetos.


Thousands of Accounts... Here's Just the Tip of the Icecap

August 17, 2013

This is just SOME of them:,,,,,,,,,,,, (where she lies about past jobs and education),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (where she pretends to have cancer in order to scam people out of money),,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, http://recovering,

Need there be anymore proof? And can someone tell us who this Jessica Elaine person is and why Bonnie Combs went by that name as well as Christine Armstrong, Chretienne Ouelette, Pixie Maguire, Jamie Vaughn, Jamie Betancourt, Tobi, "Ceej", and about 25 other names in the past 10 years? * Smirk * 

Bonnie M. Combs aka Patricia A. Combs aka Jamie Vaughn aka Christine Armstrong aka Pixie Maguire aka Chretienne Ouelette of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a creepy pedophile who not only collects photos of random young children but also of naked women.

Angela Marie Autry Medcalf / Georgia, New Jersey

August 16, 2013




Angela Marie Medcalf Autry

Lawrenceville, Georgia / Atlanta, Georgia / Forsynth, Georgia / Bell Meade, New Jersey / Princeton, New Jersey / Smyrna, Georgia / Bridle Path, Hillsborough, New Jersey / Farmingdale, New Jersey

Dominicus Ct, Belle Mead, NJ 08502

Taggert Dr, Belle Mead, NJ 08502


John Medcalf, John Autry /

Arrest Records & Mugshots: #1, #2, #3, #4