Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Impersonating an employee of OSU

September 28, 2013

It's been proven time and time again that Bonnie Combs is not an employee of Oklahoma State University Centre for Health Sciences. Neither is Chretienne Ouelette, Jamie Vaughn, Christine Armstrong, Christina, Tobi, Pixie Maguire, Ceej, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde.

So why continue the impersonation? Does Bonnie really think she's fooling anyone? Or is she so deep into her lies and so mentally unstable that she's begun to believe them herself? Based on all we've seen and Bonnie's psychotic antics online dating back to 1999 I'm going to assume the latter is true.

So where did Bonnie get the idea to impersonate an employee of OSU? Is it a dream of hers, being that Bonnie doesn't have a high school diploma let alone a university degree? Possibly. But we've also discovered that two of her relatives have worked at OSU in the past: Julie Combs and Deborah Combs.

Bonnie Combs is not only pretending to be married with children by impersonating her relative Misty Combs but she's also impersonating her relatives Julie and Deborah Combs by pretending to be an employee of OSU. This is considered fraud and is punishable with several years in jail. Being the nice folks that we are and being that we really hate crazy people who lie for a living, we chose to notify OSU and the police of her impersonation.

Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a creepy pedophile

September 19, 2013

For the last three days, Bonnie Combs aka Jamie Vaughn aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Pixie Maguire aka Christine Armstrong has been scanning the internet looking for photos of Renee Stage's young daughter. She's gone so far as to make Facebook profiles in the names of Katy McGreevey, Shawn Sackenheim, Frank Buschelmann, and even Zak Bagins, pretending to have a love interest in Renee so she'd add the profile made fifteen minutes prior with only her as a friend. She did this, we assume, to get images of Renee and the infant she was going to smash on the floor so she could masturbate to them and share them with the rest of the sex offenders living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stalk harder, idiot.

Side Actors - Angela Marie Autry / Angela Marie Medcalf

September 13, 2013

We have decided to do a monthly feature on this blog about the side actors, or crazies, who have been contributing to the harassment of innocent people on the internet alongside Bonnie Combs for many years. Who will be featured this week? None other than Cracked-Out Drag Queen Angela Marie Medcalf Autry! You may ask why we decided to feature her on our blog. Well, we decided to because Angela has been harassing and bullying others out of envy since as early as 2004 (How pathetic!) and Angela hasn't exactly lived a perfect life so we felt she should be exposed as the trash that she truly is.

You may remember Angela from her days as "Army Wifer" from or from You might even recognize her as "Just Angela" from Suicide Girls (#!) (further proving that some men are desperate enough to wack-off to anything, even if it's a transvestite.) Hell, you might even recognize Angela from when she fucked a fat ass, total stranger, for $200 under the alias of "Sasha" with Broke Amateurs. Disgusting, right? #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11

If you can recall, Angela used to blog about her life working in the dental field and being a military wife to John Medcalf while living in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously John ditched Angela for a pretty, sane and successful woman several years ago which quickly led to Angela acting like more of a psycho than ever!

So what happened? Angela began dating several young, drug-addled losers who would fuck any thing if it meant getting laid, even if said sex came gift wrapped with some nasty STDs. After one of the pill popper boyfriends ditched Angela in New York, she moved back to Atlanta where she was promptly arrested for DUI and of course, arrested many more times after that: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8.
Arrest records: #1, #2

Did Angela learn from her mistakes? Of course not. Deemed unemployable due to her huge criminal record, Angela did one video for Broke Amateurs before moving to Franklin Park, New Jersey to sponge off of a man she met on the internet. She became pregnant shortly after and thankfully gave the child up for adoption - saving him from a life of abuse and neglect. As far as we know Angela is currently working at a McDonald's (it's not like an eight month wannabe degree from Everest college aka the school for losers would ever get her anywhere in life anyway) and living the shitty life, which she deserves. Karma, right?

Angela might not want to be casting judgment on appearances when she herself looks like a cracked out drag queen with bad teeth and 3 breasts.
" - What real people think of Angela Medcalf Autry, the rat-faced anorexic with the body of a 12 year old.

Bonnie Combs Ultimate Liar

September 09, 2013

We really don't need to count all of Bonnie Combs' lies to come to the blatantly obvious conclusion that Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is the ultimate liar. She quite literally lies for a living. She does it for attention and to scam innocent people out of their hard earned oney. Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is nothing more than a fat, lazy, schizophrenic scum bag and a scam artist just like her parents Patricia Combs and Clinton Combs.

Bonnie Combs has lied about having cancer, having a career at OSU, being a chemist with Tulsa and Broken Arrow PD, having a university degree, being a mother, having a husband, being a victim of 9/11, being a heroin addict and the list goes on and on. She lied about having cancer in order to scam people out of several thousand dollars. A crime that has been reported to the police and is punishable with 5 years in prison.

Her latest lie? Bonnie Combs is now claiming to be an epileptic. Unfortunately for her, one of our bloggers here is a true epileptic and can tell when a scuzzy bitch is lying. She cannot even properly describe a seizure. Who lies about being epileptic anyway? What a moronic cunt!

She's still impersonating an employee of OSU despite the university itself confirming that she does not work there, never has and did not even attend university there. FYI: We speak with certain OSU employees regularly. It is not midterm week. The people of OSU think you're a fucking joke and a psychopath and are considering pressing charges against you because it is illegal to impersonate an employee of any company.

In closing, Bonnie M. Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a pathetic, deluded cunt who likes to pretend to be a certain type of person for attention and pretend to be sick for pity. In reality, Bonnie M. Combs is nothing more than a fat whale with a grade 9 education who lives off of her disabled mother Patricia Combs and rarely, if ever, leaves her childhood bedroom at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa.


September 05, 2013

A funny email was sent to me earlier today. There's a rumor sliding around lil' ole' Tulsa Oklahoma that Bonnie Comb's cannot support her drug addiction on her mommy Patty's welfare check, so she really has been selling her ass on the streets of Tulsa! Then, the other night, she had an undercover detective ask her for a blow job, paid all of $10 to her, and after she completely sucked his dick, he arrested her for prostitution! When she was arrested, several kilos of meth and cocaine was discovered in her pockets, and she was convicted before a judge and jury of possession of controlled substances!

How was the weather in the Tulsa prison, Bonnie Combs? LMFAO!!

Is it true?

Very likely, YES!

Do I care if it's true? Nope. It's funny as hell and probably really happened, so anyone wanting her to come work for them, this is what you are hiring! A coked up prostitute! Enjoy your employee! Or girlfriend, or whatever you're hiring her to be for the night.

Bonnie Combs pretends to have surgery and begs for her fictitious husband Dennis

September 01, 2013

In typical schizophrenic fashion, crazy ol' Bonnie M. Combs concocted a brand new lie today! Bonnie M. Combs is now lying about having emergency surgery at St. John's Medical Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She even begs for her fictitious husband Dennis to visit her. (Dennis is actually Bonnie Combs' father Clinton but she pretends he's her husband on the internet. She's probably fucked Clinton too! Sick bitch.) She mentions how much she hates to be alone in the hospital. Sucks to be you, Bonnie. Everybody hates your crazy ass. Even your alter-egos! LOL. I guess she needed to come up with some new attention seeking material to spew since she was exposed as a liar in every other aspect of her pathetic life.