More Screenshots, More Proof, More Usernames and More of Bonnie's lies

November 16, 2013

This is a screenshot of Bonnie's or "Christine Starr" (as she liked to go by back then) blogger profile in 2005. This profile dates back to the year 2000.


Here is a screenshot of the exact same blogger profile in 2010 with new bogus information, another stolen photo of a woman who is most definitely NOT Bonnie and the blogger profile lists the email address: Keep that email address in mind because it will come up again in other screenshots.


Here is a screenshot of the exact same blogger profile now with her current bogus information:


The connection. This email address was used to register three domain names including and (Ring a bell anyone? "Pixie Maguire" Hint. Hint.) which are two of Bonnie's personal domains and But I thought "Christine" wasn't Bonnie Combs? More proof folks. She'll have to stop denying the truth sooner or later unless she's so insane that she cannot keep up with all of her different personalities and bogus life stories let alone her real name.


The and Bonnie Combs connection. Seems that Bonnie used to go by the username "ohnoitsbonnie" Bonnie stole the domain name from Katy McGreevey, another awesome young woman that Bonnie is jealous of, many years ago when Katy owned


Here's another screenshot about murder and child molestation. Two sick subjects that the average mind rarely ever thinks about but Bonnie thinks about both daily. Why? Because Bonnie Combs is a psychopath who wants to kill people and molest children.


Here is a screenshot of an entry on Bonnie's old domain name back in 2004 when Bonnie went by the name Christine and claimed to have five children and a husband named Sean. She also claimed to have a sister named Rachel Combs that killed herself. We researched this tidbit of information and guess what? It never happened. Not only that but Rachel Combs never existed. This is just another one of Bonnie's fucked up lies designed to get attention from her unsuspecting victims.


And here is an older screenshot of Bonnie Combs yet again attempting to blackmail and extort innocent people. Back then it was Katy McGreevey and now it's Krystal Draper. Two beautiful, talented and successful women that Bonnie is insanely jealous of.


Bonnie has been defaming and harassing both of them for years, as well as their friends and family. When Katy had a child several years ago, Bonnie went insane with rage and jealousy and threatened to kidnap, molest and murder that child. Now Bonnie is attempting to extort and blackmail Krystal online so she won't post the truth about her. Too bad it's not Krystal running this blog. Krystal has nothing to do with any of this and hasn't posted about Bonnie anywhere online. Bonnie has no idea who we are and this blog is not going anywhere.

Several people have been alerting the Tulsa authorities to Bonnie's psychotic antics every day. It's only a matter of time before the authorities hit up her incestual love shack at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa, arrest her fat ass, charge her with several offences and have her locked up permanently in a mental hospital with absolutely no internet access.

And we can't wait!

Just Stop the Lies

Bonnie Combs' hate blog (and personal blogs) is in a state of decline. Well, actually, Bonnie is having a mental breakdown of some sort. This seems to be the norm in her life. Why doesn't a friend or relative step in and shut her up and get her the help she clearly needs? Oh, wait, that's right... Bonnie doesn't have any friends and all of her relatives hate her. How could I forget? But I digress... Let's move onto the purpose of this entry.

A Different Blog | A Different Story | A Different Personality - Chretienne Ouelette - Sand Springs, Oklahoma - Professor at OSU - Married with two children - Christine Armstrong - Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Student - Married with four children - Christine and Dennis - Married - Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Unemployed - Single with no children and presumed crazy (her true self)

I almost want to give crazy Bonnie Combs an award for trying so hard and for being such a successful liar. After all she has fooled her few moronic minions and many naive people online for nearly fourteen years! Is there such thing as an accomplished liar award? Probably not. If such an award existed it would be the only award/certificate/degree that Bonnie would ever receive. I'm not so sure that being a professional liar is something to be proud of anyway.

As per usual Bonnie is blogging lies- on one blog her non-existent friend named "Richie" passed away and she is mourning his loss. Notice how often people die in Bonnie's life? Don't fall for it. It's another pathetic lie that Bonnie made up for pity and attention. On her other blog she's praising her "big, luscious brain." Why hasn't anyone informed her yet that her brain is in fact quite useless and pea-sized and that she really isn't intelligent at all? And on yet another one of her blogs (how many blogs does this crazy bitch need? A blog for each personality?) she's claiming to have gone out on a pity date with a non-existent ex-boyfriend. I'm assuming he is the one who consider it a pity date. Honestly how could anyone not pity the person who has to interact with this crazy fat bitch in person? - Lies, Attention Seeking and Non-Stop Bullshit

November 11, 2013

Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa sociopath and child predator, wrote yet another retarded entry full of lies, attention seeking and non-stop bullshit at We decided to post it here for all to laugh at complete with our corrections because we know how much ya'll love that!


Not only am I not going to a New Year’s party, not going to get drunk off my ass, but I’m also changing the theme here.

I feel shaky thinking about lying about getting drunk tonight and not seeing some friends because I don't have any. But I don't have the love of Dennis and my friends behind me because Dennis doesn't exist and I'm a fat lard with no friends outside of my retarded imagination.

Dennis didn't write wrote and put together a new love song for me because he doesn't exist outside of my psychotic imagination. I am not a very happy, very lucky, very much in love, person.

Much more accurate.

Theft, Lies and 9/11 Bullshit!

November 07, 2013


Notice she doesn't talk about this "Peter" character anymore? That's because he never existed. She made up his existence and suicide for attention, as per usual!


Bonnie hadn't mentioned this Poe character until yesterday, one week AFTER we questioned why Bonnie stopped talking about her. She hadn't mentioned "Poe" for nearly ten years. Why? Because Poe, like Chloe, Zinnia, Dennis, Micah, etc... does not exist. She is yet another figment of Bonnie's extensive (and psychotic) imagination.


Bonnie finally admits to all of her mental disorders. She is certifiably insane! Surprised? No? We didn't think so. Paranoia, schizoid, schizotypal, antisocial, borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant, dependent, obsessive-compulsive. You name it, Bonnie Combs has got it! Bonnie also admits to living with her mother and having always done so! *Smirk*


Bonnie's made up delusional tales of abuse by her mother Patricia. FYI: It's actually the other way around. Bonnie frequently beats Patricia when she won't let Bonnie use her credit card to buy stolen domain names and food stamps to buy coca cola and cheetos! Lulz!


Bonnie's made up husband and children. None of whom ever existed. She is actually speaking about her cousin Misty's children. Who impersonates their own cousin? Obsessed much? What a freak!


More attention seeking lies!


The James connection! image

Bonnie lies about living near Washington, lies about her father working for the federal government and lies about her uncle being inside the Pentagon during the 9/11 attacks. Remember we recently posted a screenshot of her claiming to have been inside the towers during the attack and how her father barely survived? Bonnie Combs is a liar and a psychopath who has a different bullshit story for each domain name. Classic symptoms of schizophrenia, folks! What a psycho!


A few things to note:

  • This blog has become quite popular in the past week. We've been pushing 100 visits a day! Keep sending in your comments, emails, photos and stories folks!

  • A woman contacted us last week with a story about how she donated $50 to Bonnie after reading another one of Bonnie's made up sob stories on her stolen domain name Bonnie then asked this woman for more money and when this woman denied her, Bonnie actually hacked into her paypal and stole $200 in funds!

Do not donate any money to Bonnie Combs. She is a thief and a con artist who has been convicted of extortion and fraud in the past. She is the biggest liar on the internet. Her entire internet life is a lie. She makes up sob stories because she thrives off of the attention even when it's pity and negative attention. If you encounter her, block her and report her immediately.

More to come!

Bonnie Combs - Tulsa, OK - Arrested for Child Abduction!

November 05, 2013

Bonnie Combs was arrested by the Tulsa police last week for child abduction! We received information on her case. She is so psychotic that she actually tried to steal Misty's children! It's not already bad enough that crazy Bonnie Combs is impersonating her but now she's trying to take what's hers!

Mugshots to come.