Defining Bonnie Combs

January 30, 2014

Bonnie Combs has publicly admitted to having schizophrenia. However, we think the scope of her mental health is much larger than just that and includes not only schizophrenia but also pseudologia fantastica (compulsive lying disorder), psychosis and sociopathy. Read more of the disorders and related symptoms below and you tell us if you don't think they accurately describe miss Bonnie Combs or "Chretienne Ouelette", "Christine Armstrong", "Jamie Vaughn" and "Pixie Maguire" as she likes to go by on the internet.

Pseudologia Fantastica: The technical term for compulsive lying, which may also be referred to as mythomania. Compulsive lying is characterized as lying completely disproportionate to a particular situation. A person who constantly manufactures stories for no discernible reason may be experiencing pseudologia fantastica. The lies are believable and may have truthful elements. A compulsive liar is unlikely, for example, to lie about seeing a unicorn.

The lying continues for a long period of time and is not caused by some immediate pressure or stress. The lies tend to present the liar in a positive light. The lies have an internal, rather than an external, motivation.

Schizophrenia: A challenging disorder that makes it difficult to distinguish between what is real and unreal, think clearly, manage emotions, relate to others, and function normally. Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that affects the way a person acts, thinks, and sees the world. People with schizophrenia have an altered perception of reality, often a significant loss of contact with reality. They may see or hear things that don’t exist, speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them, or feel like they’re being constantly watched. With such a blurred line between the real and the imaginary, schizophrenia makes it difficult—even frightening—to negotiate the activities of daily life. In response, people with schizophrenia may withdraw from the outside world or act out in confusion and fear.

Symptoms of schizophrenia include: social withdrawal, hostility or suspiciousness, deterioration of personal hygiene, flat, expressionless gaze, inability to cry or express joy, inappropriate laughter or crying, depression, oversleeping or insomnia, odd or irrational statements, forgetful; unable to concentrate, extreme reaction to criticism, strange use of words or way of speaking delusions, hallucinations, disorganized speech, disorganized behaviour, and the so-called “negative” symptoms.

Psychosis: A person with psychosis experiences some loss of contact with reality, characterized by changes in their way of thinking, believing, perceiving and/or behaving. People with psychosis may have one or more of the following: hallucinations, delusions, catatonia, or a thought disorder. Impairments in social cognition also occur.

Sociopathy: A complex personality disorder. Sociopaths exhibit a wide variety of maladaptive behaviour. Sociopathy is not one trait; it is a syndrome—a cluster of related symptoms. Symptoms of sociopathy include: lib and superficial, egocentric and grandiose, lack of remorse or guilt, lack of empathy, deceitful and manipulative, shallow emotions, impulsive, poor behaviour controls, need for excitement, lack of responsibility, early behaviour problems and adult antisocial behaviour.

We very much wanted to express how certain we are that Bonnie Combs also suffers from some sort of incest disorder considering she is constantly talking about incest (and child molestation) but were unable to find a distinct disorder relating to that.

The Combs Family - Location and Phone Numbers

January 28, 2014

These are the phone numbers that Bonnie uses to harass her victims with:

  • (918) 551-6731
  • (918) 321-3742
  • (918) 665-6725
  • (741) 120-3639 - This phone number links back to her incest brother Clinton Casey Combs Junior but we have proof that she has called and harassed several of her victims at home with this phone number. Give it a call at around three in the morning!

Bonnie Combs' brother Clinton Casey Combs Junior information:

625 S Elgin Avenue Apartment 101
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Maybe send him a warm Christmas greeting or something. *Wink*

Here's Bonnie and her parents address again in case you'd like to send her something nice for Christmas. Bottled cat piss perhaps? Hehe.

2337 W 47th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Evidence For the Fire

January 26, 2014

Does anyone else here hope that crazy Bonnie Combs continues to tweet and blog about Krystal Draper? Krystal has no control over this blog, no matter what Bonnie Combs' drug-fried brain tells her, so essentially she is harassing an innocent person. You'd think that rather than tweeting and checking up on this site 24/7 that she would be out living that wonderful, um, life...that she claims to have. But no, she's such a pathetic loser she can't even drive a car and spend her hours of the day away from a computer or other device. She never even leaves her shithole of a house that her mother owns and pays for! Might as well be on a computer; she's sitting at home like a bump on a log anyway. 

Like any insane person, Bonnie Combs has not realized that all of her tweeting and blogging about Krystal Draper has not deterred me from updating this site nor has it inhibited me from collecting information on her. It's also not encouraged me to delete or privatize the blog should I want to feel sorry for this pathetic bitch. So if it doesn't work, why continue to do it? That's the question that only Bonnie Combs can answer. Unfortunately, she's busy making a new name for herself, Drag Queen child molester Bonnie Combs, and tweeting more for me to post here. 

Yet she wants me to stop updating this site. She wants me to either delete or privatize the blog and get it out of the Google hits. 

A sane, normal person would take a look at this blog and realize that if they stopped tweeting retarded shit, stopped stealing code, stopped threatening people with jail time, and actually cared about their life and worried what was going on in their own little world, this blog would not have any evidence or ammo, and would thusly die out. No one wants to read a wall of text about what my yorkie is doing, or how many gold fish I have now. 

What gets me is that Bonnie Combs can't be criticized. Anyone who exposes her is going to jail? That's fucking laughable. Disagree with the insane whore? You're going to jail! In the real world, sane, normal people realize that other human beings are going to disagree with you, and if you do sketchy shit, chances are, you're going to be caught and called out. I guess that's where Bonnie Combs' mommy failed her; that's a lesson most people learn before they start kinny-garden. You have to be responsible for your own actions. If you do wrong and get caught, you have to suffer the consequences, as Jessie Slaughter's father screamed into the camera that unusually warm night. 

You don't see any of those people whom Bonnie Combs is targeting being accused of copyright infringement, harassment, lying, stealing, etc... Krystal is only targeted by Bonnie and co. who are mentally deranged, unemployed losers with nothing better to do. The same can be said for Katy, Kristy, Katie Kohner, Loredana, and all thousand of Bonnie's victims. 

For those of you who are just tuning in, there is about six people who update this blog. I have manipulated the HTML so that it reads as one person because that is easier when people want to email in questions about the blog. I'm still the admin, they are just contributors. I've sent out an invite for Krystal Draper (or the owner of to share her thoughts on this. The more people who write here to share their stories, the better. And you will remain anonymous. 

As for shutting down the blog, or privatizing it, I have decided as of 10:45am yesterday (December 2, 2013), that I am not going to be shutting down the blog, removing any content, or privatizing it, for as long as I live. That means that as long as is alive, so will this site. It obviously isn't against their rules, so they are not going to take it down. I will update it as often as it needs to be updated. Nothing will change my mind now, and I will continue to distribute the .xml so others may make copies of this blog to make their own accounts to help spread the word. 

We can tell Bonnie and her lulser bully friends are petrified and shaking in their k-mart shoes because they haven't stopped blogging and tweeting about Krystal in over a month. Bonnie updated her jealous hate blog 23 times in the past three days because she wants to be Krystal so bad. Keep it up! We're documenting and sending every thing off to your victims who are pursuing a class action lawsuit against you and your minions. You will always lose. 

Crazy Tulsa child molester Bonnie Combs thinks she can manipulate, scare and control her victims with her multiple personalities and childish lulser friends but we're not scared and we're not going anywhere. This blog will remain on the web until the web no longer exists and we don't see that happening any time soon. Crazy Bonnie Combs can steal our content all she wants and threaten to murder Krystal and Katy's children all she wants - this blog will always be here! 

A recent comment made us giggle... when all of Bonnie's thousand victims gather together to sue her, will they have to bring the courtroom to Bonnie's trailer trash childhood bedroom at 2337 W 47th street in Tulsa? Probably! Bonnie is too fat and far gone to ever leave. But crazy Bonnie Combs Tulsa terrorist will be meeting with the courtroom very soon whether she likes it or not. We can only hope Bonnie and co. have loads of money to hand over to Krystal, Katy and friends when it's all over.

Bonnie Combs | Tulsa, OK Terrorist and Pedophile | Copying Blog Entries

January 25, 2014

Bonnie posted this untrue post in anger at Daily Krystal today:

I got an email from the K-Team that was written by Krystal Draper, where she states she is going to Tulsa to kill Bonnie Combs! The K-Team member who emailed Krystal Draper was emailing her to ask her why she continued the charade, when Krystal Draper started making accusations against Bonnie and lastly said "that's why I have to go to Tulsa and kill her. No one will suspect me and the ones who do know will be glad I did it." The email is currently in the hands of the Tulsa police cyber crimes unit.

#1. The K-Team doesn't actually exist. Well it does but only inside Bonnie's deranged and extremely small brain.

#2. Krystal never threatened Bonnie. It was in fact that other way around as seen in our previous posts and here:

#3. Bonnie is mad because the Tulsa police visited her at home last week and told her to leave Krystal alone but Bonnie is so incredibly jealous and obsessed with Krystal that she can't help herself.

#4. The Tulsa cyber crimes division is currently investigating Bonnie and her ongoing abuse dating back to 1999.

#5. Krystal actually said "I have to go to Tulsa and file a protection order and stalking complaint against Bonnie so she will go to jail" but we all know Bonnie loves to twist people's words.

In closing, Bonnie Combs is a psychotic liar who makes fun of 9/11 victims, calls people niggers and threatens to kill people and she will soon be in jail.

Notice how Bonnie never has proof to back her shit up? Because she's a fat pathetic liar and a waste of life. Hey Bonnie, there's no internet in jail! What ever will you do without your only friend?

More Proof!

January 24, 2014


Part two of Bonnie Combs' craziness. Click here in case you missed part one.

Kudos to Krys, one of Bonnie's many victims for sending this in! It's all coming together or in Bonnie's case, falling apart. Heh.

Bonnie Combs IS Chretienne Ouelette / Jamie Vaughn / Pixie Maguire / Christine Armstrong

January 23, 2014

Reporting Bonnie Combs to the Tulsa police department

January 21, 2014

Have you been victimized by crazy “Christine Armstrong”, “Chretienne Ouelette”, “Jamie Vaughn”, “Patricia Combs”, Bonnie combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma? Are you interested in reporting her to the police for stalking, harassing and defaming your character? 

Here’s what you’ll need to do. 

Contact sergeant Williams with the Tulsa, Oklahoma cyber crimes division. His phone number is (918) 591-4740 

Tell him that you are being harassed by a woman named Bonnie Combs. Her location is 2337 W 47th St in Tulsa and her phone number is (918) 551-6731 

Be sure to give him her IP address: and her internet service provider: cox communications for documenting and archiving purposes. 

There is no statue of limitations on her abuse. This has been an ongoing issue since Bonnie Combs first acquired the internet in 1999. This woman needs to be stopped and she will be very soon.

Hilarious Reader Submissons!

Bonnie is continuing on with the same ol' boring crap, lying about being a teacher when she sits on her fat ass all day masturbating to pix of Krystal and Katy and has never worked and blogging about how she's the victim when she's actually victimized the coolest people for the past fourteen years because of her raging insecurity and anger at being a fat, ugly lulser. So instead of make fun of her usual pathetic-ness and desperation, We've decided to post some hilarious reader submissions instead! Enjoy.

Reader Submission Number One:

Thank you Bonnie and your family of hogs!

Our University would like to thank you and your nasty trashy family for allowing us to do a study on American White Trash. Not only were did we learn so much about smelling rancid, not bathing, being fat, lazy and unemployed, but we also learned much about toxic flatulence.

Bonnie, we did record you having one of your fart attacks for humor; some people think it's funny when you're on the toilet flapping your big fat bloated butt cheeks together and want that sound on their cell phone rings.

We think the royalties from your bloated fat ass could give you and your family enough money to pay back all the government money you've been sponging off the taxpayers.

- Submitted by Frightwolf

Reader Submission Number Two:


Hey you ! THAT'S MY PRIZED SOW ! Return her now, the amount of bacon and ham I can get from that prized porker could feed a starving village of 1,000 people !

- Submitted by Anonymous

Bonnie Combs is a low income psychotic liar

January 19, 2014

We noticed that Bonnie tends to check in via foursquare at the "Sarah and John Graves Center/Family and Children's Services" in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a regular basis.


We had our assumptions about what this place might be but decided to do some research and learn more about this clinic before saying anything. 

But sure enough, after conducting research, we learned that it is a behavioural and mental health clinic for low income people and families in the Tulsa area.

Now why would Bonnie Combs, a self confessed "financially stable, professor at Oklahoma State University" need to attend a behavioural and mental health clinic for low income people on such a regular basis?


Easy answer: Because Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Ouelette, Jamie Vaughn, Pixie Maguire, Christine Armstrong, etc... is the biggest liar in the entire world. Bonnie does not have a job, dropped out of school in grade six, is a morbidly obese and dirt poor loser who still lives with her parents and suffers from several mental illnesses including bipolar disorder, psychosis, suicidal tendencies, incest obsession, multiple personality disorder, manic depressive and schizophrenia.

Those mental illnesses are the reason why Bonnie makes up such outlandish and ridiculous lies on the internet for attention and actually thinks anyone is stupid enough to believe them - but nobody is.

Those mental illnesses are the reason why Bonnie has spent fifteen years contributing nothing more than hate, defamation and internet terrorism to the world - all out of envy, of course.

Yet another lie exposed. And many more to come!

Bonnie Michelle Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma arrested for prostitution and meth use?!?!

January 18, 2014

There's a funny rumour going around the blogosphere that miss Bonnie Michelle Combs of Tulsa was arrested by a Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer outside of her house at 2337 w 47th street for prostitution and meth use. Apparently Bonnie's sixty nine year old mother Patricia Combs (the woman that Bonnie Combs still lives with and regularly physically and financially abuses) was arrested too. *Shudder*

Is it true? Could be. But it's hilarious either way! I believe it's true considering Bonnie hasn't updated any of her 50 blogs of lies in about a week and we all know the fat bitch has no life outside of popping pills, watching Maury Povich while cramming cheetos into her mouth and blogging lies!

In reality though.. who would pay to sleep with this:


What's new? Bonnie is impersonating her victims on tumblr to try and get them in trouble. Nevar change Bonnie!

Everybody Hates Bonnie Combs!

January 15, 2014

Infamous Tulsa cyberstalker Bonnie Combs is still going with her made up stories and outlandish lies over at Comatised so we decided to post more screenshots exposing her as the insane fraud and liar that she is.

Because we're certain Bonnie will delete the content at BonnieDanner soon. (Wouldn't want people to find out the truth, huh Bonnie? It's okay. We already know.) Here's a screenshot of her biography. Notice the difference between this biography and her biography at Comatised? There's only one lie in this biography. That lie being that Bonnie loves relationships. Clearly she doesn't considering she doesn't have a single healthy and normal relationship in her shitty life, never has and never will. Everything else in that biography is fairly accurate. Go figure! It's too bad Bonnie can't be this honest on all of her 500+ websites or she might be less hated. Who are we kidding? She'd have to undergo an enormous transformation to ever not be hated.


What real people think of Bonnie Combs and her many online aliases.



Sad to see some things never change. Old habits really do die hard when it comes to Bonnie or "Christine." If you're curious who TGO is, his real name apparently is "Michael Cohen" and he was regarded as some sort of internet Demi God among the circle of idiots several years ago. However, his opinion of "Christine" / "Chretienne" / Bonnie or "Beefy Curtains" (too good!) as he accurately nicknamed her, is spot on.



Numerous blog entries written by Spencer Passmore about Bonnie or "Christine" as he knew her. These entries further prove that old habits die hard. Bonnie and Spencer were having some sort of creepy online affair from 2005-2007 involving child pornography, incest photos and bestiality - several things that Bonnie has inadvertently admitted to being obsessed with. Sadly, Spencer never saw what Bonnie really looks like. If he had, we imagine he would have run far away.





Comments left by literally hundreds of people who know Bonnie and can't stand her. What can we say? She's just that infamous and widely hated. Notice the Angela connection. She's the only person trashy and crazy enough to want to befriend Bonnie. Well... her and Kristin. That's about it.






Rumour has it that the members of Oasis had to seek out a restraining order against Bonnie because she threatened to murder them. Is it true? Probably not but it's hilarious and oh so accurate just the same!

Bonnie Combs - Psychotic Twitter Behaviour

January 14, 2014

Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Pixie Maguire aka Jamie Vaughn aka Christine Armstrong of Tulsa, Oklahoma defaming, threatening and harassing her victims on twitter:

Is anybody actually buying this bullshit?

January 13, 2014

Shortly after Bonnie checks in on her foursquare app at her imaginary job at Oklahoma State University - Centre for Health Sciences, she updates both of her blogs with more bogus information and imagination land. All we can wonder is how anybody is stupid enough to buy her bullcrap? Easy answer: the people who believe it (IE: Laura and Kristen) are as pathetic and crazy as Bonnie is.

Exhibit A: Recoveringbeauty

"I don’t need to hear the ugly sounds that come out of these people. I’m getting sick of being unable to ask questions without getting my head snapped off by some ugly, ignorant, cunt who thinks they are high and mighty around here.I’ll be glad when I never have to see these people ever again. Seriously."

In our opinion, Bonnie might not be shouted at if she were to get a job and move out like normal people do. What kind of 33 year old woman lives with her disabled, elderly parents who financially support her, then turns around and bitches about them? Bonnie, you might not be so happy when they die. You'll be on your own for the first time in your waste of a life and nobody will be there to help you with your potty training and GED.

Exhibit B: Comatised

"They’re just adventures of Chris and a very pregnant me, my first iPhone, running to classes in three digit temperatures, sweat pouring off my head. I loved it there. I wish I could go back to 2007 and be a freshman again. I had so much fun with Jess and Chris. I made a lot less mistakes back then. Just one of a thousand regrets."

Chris doesn't exist. Bonnie has never been pregnant nor has she attended any form of school since she dropped out in grade 8. Jess doesn't exist either. The only truthful commentary here is when Bonnie admits to having many regrets. Bonnie's entire existence is nothing more than one huge mistake.

Exhibit C: Comatised

"while Carl does the lectures." 7 different people.

"Dr.Bishop and I talked of how long I expected to work. I laughed and said until I was well into my 70s, maybe 80s, and that I planned to live forever."
"I can’t get my doctor to schedule radiation therapy or a gamma knife, my tumor is probably too large to operate on anymore."
"Trevor isn’t helping any at home, I have a baby who needs me."
"I feel that if I were happy, I’d feel much better about my outcome of things."
Let us remind everybody that this blog and it's 75 clones will never be deleted unless Bonnie apologizes to all of her victims, removes her hateblogs about all of them and stops lying about herself on the internet. We can't see that happening until one of her victims visits Tulsa next month and has Bonnie arrested so this blog will remain up, indefinitely and forever. Enjoy!

Bonnie's New Blogs

January 10, 2014

When Bonnie isn't blogging one bullshit story at, she can be found blogging another bullshit story at (it would take a lot of work to recover Bonnie's beauty. She never had any to begin with!) and yet another bullshit story where she is claiming to be a recovering heroin addict at Who even pretends to be an ex-junkie? No one other than crazy Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma! Nevar change, Bonnie. 

Someone needs to get this schizo some help. Stat!

Anonymous Tulsa-ites speak!

January 08, 2014

A few days ago we were contacted by a Tulsa-ite who would like to remain anonymous because he/she actually knows Bonnie and her family in person and being that the Combs family are so mentally unstable, he/she would rather they not know their true identity.

This person answered one question for us that we have all been wondering about. How does Bonnie and her family make money? We know they do not work and never have. We know they collect welfare, food stamps and disability. But how do they afford to buy high end electronics? We finally have the answer.

First and foremost, Bonnie and her parents Clinton and Patricia receive free cell phones from the government because of their income status. Being that they are such low income, they qualify for this free cell phone service. You can read more about eligibility for this service here.

Secondly, Bonnie and her mother Patricia make extra money on the side by selling their illegally obtained prescription drugs! Word on the streets of Tulsa is that they have both been arrested and charged for doing so in the past but are too lazy to work, too fat and ugly to prostitute and too desperate for money to buy cheetos and coca cola so they continue to do this.

Bonnie and Patricia regularly visit their naive doctor in Tulsa, make false claims of pain and receive prescriptions for oxycontin and other medications in return. They then peddle their pills on the street and voila! They have a bit of extra cash.

You can watch the hilariously creepy videos of Bonnie and Patricia hitting their doctor up for pills here unless she's already deleted them. Bonnie posted these videos herself on her own public youtube page. If that doesn't sum up how severe her several mental illnesses have become then I don't know what else will.

Clearly Bonnie and Patricia are so stupid that they don't know how illegal it is to hide a video camera in your doctor's office with the intent to videotape your visit without his/her permission. But then again, it seems that Bonnie leads a life of illegal activity and somehow thinks she's above the law and will never be held responsible for her actions or punished for them. Not so. Judgement day is coming for Bonnie real soon and we thinks she might not like what it holds for her.

Major thanks to anonymous for this information. Not that it's surprising but now we know the truth. Thanks! Keep the tips and stories coming.

Account Suspended

January 06, 2014

We had a member of the B-Team visit Bonnie's blog of lies,, this morning after hearing that her website had been suspended for defamation and harassment. Sure enough, it's true!


Rumour has it that Bonnie's blog of lies was suspended after her host Dreamhost was contacted by the Tulsa police department regarding Bonnie's ongoing harassment, stalking and defamation of nearly 500 people online.

Will her blog remain suspended? Probably not. Knowing Bonnie, she will soon steal her mother Patricia's credit card and find a new host- something she was recently talking about doing, probably because she knew shit was going to hit the fan and that Dreamhost wouldn't stand for her abuse much longer.

Will Bonnie be able to find a host that will allow her to harass people online, pay very little because she's too poor to afford more than three dollars a month and have great uptime? We doubt it.

EDIT: Here's another one of Bonnie's blogs: Is she going by the alias Bonnie Danner now to try and hide the truth? How many blogs does beefy curtains need? One for every personality? What a crazy cunt! We'll catch you every time, Bonnie.