Bonnie Combs - Twitter Threats, Defamation and Racial Slurs

February 28, 2014

While the rest of the world was hard at work, earning an honest living and being productive members of society- fat fuck Bonnie Combs the crazy Tulsa terrorist took the harassing, defaming and threatening more people on twitter as well as uttering many racial slurs.




At least Bonnie finally admitted to not having any children. Not like we didn't already know that, right?

Just Stop the Lies!

February 27, 2014

Another day - another ridiculous lie. Such is life for Bonnie Combs. I doubt that tub of lard could get through one day without telling a lie on the internet. It seems to be her only hobby and she's not even good at doing it. How pathetic.

Bonnie does keep the internet world plenty entertained. We've been laughing at her for years and don't expect the laughs to stop any time soon. We laughed at her when she was exposed as an obese, psychotic child porn hoarder by Spencer and Michael back in 2007 and we're still laughing now. 

Here's a wonderful, organized list of her latest lies which you can clearly see on one of her many blogs, comatised:

  • Bonnie and her fictional friends Lance Danner and Michelle are going to win their non-existent lawsuit.
  • Bonnie doesn't want to go back to working at a morgue - a place she's never worked but she'd probably like to because Bonnie Combs loves molesting dead bodies.
  • Bonnie prefers to be a professor. She's still going strong with this lie despite Oklahoma State coming forward and confirming that Bonnie does not work there and none of her personalities do either.
  • Bonnie is still pretending to be a mother to Chloe and Zinnia. These two little girls do exist but they aren't named Chloe and Zinnia and Bonnie isn't their mother. Her cousin Misty, a woman Bonnie is insanely jealous of, is their real mother.
  • Bonnie admits to running her blog(s) for the past fourteen years. This is the only truthful thing she's said lately. However, she's spent the past fourteen years blogging lies and stalking people out of envy and we're not sure that's much of an accomplishment or something to be proud of. If anything, Bonnie should hang her fat head in shame then go play in traffic.

What's even more funny? Bonnie ignorantly comments that she can do whatever she wants and that she's above the law. What a delusional cow! I wonder if she's been served with the restraining order and court papers yet? Hehe.

Keep blogging lies, Bonnie. We'll be here to knock your dumb ass down every time. You've always been the internet's beating pole and that will never change until you admit to your lies, unplug your internet and seek help. Or maybe it will happen sooner than you think, considering you're looking at 10 years in prison. 

We enjoy making you out to be the laughing stock of the internet. Such is your life. People have been laughing at you for years and we will never stop. Keep the lies coming though, because nobody believes you and we enjoy destroying you in every aspect of your pitiful, made-up existence.

Bonnie Combs is a Deranged Psychopath

February 26, 2014

Bonnie posted these images to her tumblr account earlier today with the caption "For you, bitch." We're assuming that Bonnie is attempting (and failing miserably) to scare us but in reality nobody is falling for it. Sorry Bonnie but you and your fictitious gun just aren't scary. No one is afraid of you. You're incapable of leaving your childhood bedroom let alone ever hurting someone and you would be arrested the minute you dare to try.

But it's okay, Beefy Bonnie. We get it. You're feeling threatened and terrified because one of your many victims is in your city right now pursuing legal action against you. You should be terrified.

What's new? Bonnie is pretending to be ill, once again. She tends to fake an illness about once a month for attention. Unfortunately her three website visitors have learned the truth about her and will no longer be visiting her blog of lies. Sucks to be you, Bonnie!

Keep it up, loony tune. We're having a ball over here laughing at your pathetic antics.

Want more laughs? Check these links out: beefybonnie and fattypatty666 Pure hilarity!

Batshit Bonnie Combs pretends to be sick... AGAIN!!!

February 24, 2014

Batshit Bonnie Combs is pretending to be sick and hospitalized (complete with more stolen photos!) on her blog for only like... the millionth time. Faking illnesses is kind of her MO. Remember the fake cancer and pretending to be a recovered heroin addict thing? Yeah. Beefy Bonnie craves the attention of complete strangers on the internet. That's why she leads a totally bogus life that only the biggest morons fall for.

Unfortunately for Bonnie one of her victims was in Tulsa this weekend and verified that Bonnie is, in fact, at home because the Tulsa police department had to visit her parents shack and serve Bonnie with a protection order. 

It's kind of like the last time Bonnie claimed to be hospitalized and a member of the B-Team who unfortunately used to know Bonnie in person called the hospital and verified that Bonnie was not there and had never been there.

Just stop the lies, Bonnie. Do you even know who you are any more? I suppose when your life is nothing more than almost thirty four years of lies, defamation, hypocrisy and denigration of complete strangers on the internet (out of envy), you probably haven't much of interest to say. Just delete your blog already. Or better yet, delete your entire life.

NOBODY loves Bonnie Combs!

February 21, 2014

We recently exposed Bonnie Combs for being a fraud (again) [#1 and #2] when she stole photos of a woman on tumblr dressed in lingerie and lied on her blog, claiming the photos were of her and her fictitious husband "Dennis Ouelette" purchased them for her. We've already established that Bonnie's blog is full of lies. Bonnie's entire life is a lie. But I digress. 

Among the stolen photos were photos of a cheap dollar store ring and welfare chocolate. How pathetic is it that Bonnie has to buy herself Valentine's Day gifts? Boohoo. Nobody loves Bonnie Combs. And Bonnie is so bitter about that very fact that she resorts to trying to bring down beautiful women who are loved and received Valentine's Day gifts from their partners.

Or maybe Bonnie's just angry. After all, one of her victims is currently in her hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma pursuing legal action against her. In typical maniacal cyberstalker fashion, Bonnie expects her victim to provide her with proof of her trip. Bitch, the only person who needs to provide proof of anything is you. You need to provide proof of your entire existence but that will never happen because your entire life is a pathetic lie.

Bonnie Combs goes off the rails on twitter!

February 19, 2014

One of Bonnie's victims from the early 2000's who wishes to remain anonymous caught this on Bonnie's real twitter account a couple of days ago. The account has since been suspended. Sometimes Bonnie Combs forgets to take her anti-schizoid medication and freaks out on the internet. Sometimes meaning all the time. Fortunately our people are always watching and documenting her craziness.

Bonnie Combs of Tulsa says the victims of 9/11 deserved it and shows her true colours:


Bonnie Combs of Tulsa defames and threatens to kill Krystal Draper and Katy McGreevey. Two wonderful, beautiful women whom Bonnie Combs is very jealous of.




The screenshots have been handed over to the people being threatened and defamed and I assume will soon be passed on to Tulsa authorities.

New Victims Added!

We were contacted by more victims and have added the following people to the list of people that Bonnie Combs has harassed, stalked and victimized:

  • Chen Ya-Wen
  • Yaya
  • Eris
  • Katy Bushcelmann
  • Marilyn
  • Jenn F
  • Lisa M
  • Dave Mancini
  • Cedric
  • Andrea Conover
  • Charlie Walters
  • Louie
  • Byron Pierson
  • Dionna Dozier
  • Sadi
  • Roderick
  • Tracy Graham
  • Katie Kohner
  • Loredana Baxter
  • Ninpen / Jenny
  • Jyuubi / Manda
  • Nick Tarbotton

Bonnie Combs - Exposed and Humiliated on Twitter!

February 17, 2014

You guys missed some major lulz over the past few days! Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa internet terrorist, was publicly exposed and humiliated on twitter! And by whom? None other than the girl Bonnie so desperately wishes she could be- Krystal Draper! It was hilarious to watch! Bonnie lost several e-friends (AKA her ONLY friends) when they saw Krystal's evidence and realized that Krystal isn't the liar in this situation or in any situation for that matter- Bonnie is! It's always been Bonnie! Bonnie Combs is the biggest liar on the internet and in the world.

I feel for her ex-friends. It can't be easy finding out that a woman you've confided in for the past several years has been lying to you about everything- her name, her location, her marital status, lying about having a husband and children, pretending to work for Oklahoma State University, pretending to have cancer and swindling cash out of these so-called friends for non-existent cancer treatment (it's been confirmed folks! Bonnie Combs has defrauded many people out of a lot of money!), etc...

As much as I feel for them, I'm glad they finally know the truth. They deserve to know the truth about this psychotic whale who has spent the past fourteen (almost fifteen!) years of her life cyberbullying people she's jealous of! Exposing this crazy cunt has been a blast and we're never going to stop until Bonnie is locked away in prison or in a mental hospital where she belongs!

Onto the lulztastic screenshots! (Usernames hidden to protect the victim's privacy)








Krystal's hilarious commentary about Butthurt Bonnie Combs!


And what did Tulsa maniac Bonnie Combs do when confronted with all of this and the loss of several friends? Why she chose to defame those ex-friend's and Krystal on her blog, Comatised! We can't say we're surprised though. Did any of you actually expect Bonnie to apologize and remove all defamatory material like a mature, sane and rational human being? Of course not. Deflect and defame. That's kinda Bonnie's MO.


More lies and more defamation!


Can someone please tell me why Bonnie Combs is so obsessed with children? Aside from her pretending to have one. Bonnie Combs is constantly talking about child molestation, child pornography and incest- Three topics that normal people prefer to avoid. It's quite telling. We're going to assume this is all because Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma molests children, watches child pornography and fucked her brother Clinton Combs. The last one has been proven. The first two we consider to be fairly accurate assumptions based on all this evidence.


Bonnie still thinks all of our screenshots are fake. Unlike her, we don't have the time to sit online day in and day out photoshopping screenshots. Bonnie might want to see a shrink soon because she's incredibly obsessed with Krystal Draper, another innocent victim who has nothing to do with this blog and is travelling to Tulsa in February to press charges against Bonnie for ongoing threats, defamation, stalking and harassment.

In typical Bonnie Combs fashion, when faced with her victims Bonnie chose to lie and deflect. Silly goose. We all know that entry is about your ex-friend. Bitch needs to see a doctor immediately.


Notice the sudden change of attitude when faced with confrontation? Bonnie Combs has so many different personalities that even she can't keep up with all of them!

Bonnie Combs is a sad and pathetic liar.

February 15, 2014

While the rest of us who are truly loved and don't have to create ridiculous lies on the internet as some failed attempt for attention were spending our Valentine's Day with our real husband/boyfriend/significant other(s), Bonnie was stealing more photos of random naked women and creating more lies on her pathetic blog


Bonnie is trying (and failing) to make the internet believe this is her. She wishes she looked that good in lingerie. Although the person in the photo is still quite overweight, Bonnie will never be that size and is actually around 200 lbs heavier and always will be. We all know this.

#1. Notice the background. That is not Bonnie's bedroom nor is it her house, as you can see in every single one of her other photos. If you haven't seen her other photos, you can check them out here.

#2. Notice the nails. Compare them with the photo she posted of her "new ring" in the exact same entry as seen here. Different nails. Different hands. Different nail polish. 

Bonnie is such a pathetic waste of life that she has to resort to stealing naked photos of random, unsuspecting women from around the internet and claim them as her own without even thinking to at least try and make it believable first. She is just that stupid!

.P.S. That photo of "Bonnie" or "Chretienne" in the lingerie? It actually belongs to this girl. It's okay, Bonnie. We've let her know that you're stealing her photos and pretending to be her. Yet another victim to add to the list!

More screenshots of Bonnie Combs aka "Chretienne Ouelette/Jamie Vaughn/Pixie Maguire/Christine Armstrong" of Comatised stealing photos of random women on tumblr.

Bonnie Combs aka Chretienne Ouelette of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a psychotic cyberbully, cyberstalker, compulsive liar and thief.

Flatulent woman causes barn explosion

February 11, 2014

It took only one morbidly obese woman to create enough methane to partially raise the roof. 

Cops explained by saying "a static electric charge caused the gas to explode with flashes of flames."

The roof of the structure suffered minor damage.

Jeremy may have summed up everyone’s feelings when he tweeted “Bonnie Combs' farts are a serious health hazard.”

Bonnie Combs was inside a barn in Oklahoma yesterday when the explosion occurred.

It's widely known the Bonnie Combs' flatulence creates methane gas. Some scientists even want to find a way to harness the gas and use it for energy.

Embarrassed, Bonnie Combs refused to comment but did say she may have to moooooooove.

Stop Hating Normal People

February 05, 2014

Because they endorsed Bonnie Combs' behaviour about how everyone who exposes her as a fraud is an ugly drug addict who needs to kill herself. Anyone who thinks someone else deserves death because they shed light and the truth on Bonnie's lies, is really fucked up in the head. And that describes Bonnie Combs perfectly.

Bonnie Combs calls everybody else a liar, but we all have evidence to back up our claims. What does she have? Pictures of three different people and a claim they are all the same person under different names. Even a retard could see that those are three different people. She can’t fool everyone, and 90% of her traffic is from people who are laughing at her or seeing what fucked up thing is going to come out of her mouth next. We can produce screen caps of her blogs gone by, posts by other tumblrs who were burned by her, and her lies, Encyclopedia Dramatica pages, and this wonderful exposé blog.

Right now, we would love it if Bonnie Combs would just leave her victims alone, but we know Krystal is her recent target and she'll continue on to others once Krystal charges her. Bonnie is madly in love with Krystal, and following her around like the sick psycho that she is. She thinks that because Krystal ignore her 100% of the time, Krystal is responding to her callings of love. She thinks that every little thing Krystal does is due to her. Why are we calling her sick? Because one of us has a degree in psychology. That person can make clinical observations on this fat bitch Bonnie Combs. Bonnie thinks everything Krystal writes is about her or her drug dealing mother Patricia Combs who raped her anally with broken glass when she was a child, and we are sick of it. Krystal is not doing anything to this thing, and Bonnie has no proof that Krystal is. Krystal, however, has proof of her impersonating her and her friends, harassment, and other things.

So beware. Bonnie is reading this. And she'll never stop or change until she's forced to. Thankfully her latest victim, Krystal, intends to do that by visiting Tulsa in person this month and she'll make Bonnie hate her shitty existence more than she already does.

Bonnie Combs - Tulsa's Morbidly Obese and Deranged Dancing Puppet!

February 04, 2014

Thank you to the B-Team for continued effort of exposing Bonnie and her jealous defamatory lies on her tumblr page at! She thinks people are falling for her bullshit but that's schizophrenia for you. Together we can eliminate Bonnie entirely! 

Bonnie is currently threatening to murder Krystal if she goes to Tulsa, because Bonnie is so deranged that she thinks she has the right to shoot anyone in the city. Bonnie was best friends with the Oklahoma City Bombers after all. Unfortunately Bonnie doesn't have that right and Tulsa police are aware of this latest threat and will be accompanying Krystal, with theirMANY weapons, while she is in Tulsa. They will shoot fat ass schizo Bonnie if she attempts to hurt Krystal, the girl she's insanely in love with and jealous of. Everyone is on Krystal's side, including Bonnie's other 500+ victims who are all pursuing a class action lawsuit against Bonnie. 

Now we know all of this attention is making Bonnie's blood pressure rise. She is, after all, a fat ass diabetic. But here's the deal. Bonnie. If you take a picture of yourself with your high school diploma, university diploma, husband and children in the photo, while you're holding a piece of paper that says Chretienne Ouelette of then we'll take this blog down and leave you alone. But see, we don't think you'll do that. Why? Because we know you're a liar. Bonnie, you are a high school drop out. Bonnie, you still live with your parents. Bonnie, you don't have kids. Bonnie, you're so ugly and crazy that nobody has ever wanted to date your fat ass, let alone breed with you. You know it. We know it. Everybody knows it. But do feel free to prove us wrong. 

In the meantime, B-team: continue to send in those screenshots. We're (all 1,018 of us) having a blast over here laughing at this crazy cow! Looks like fatty Patty forgot to give Beefy Bonnie her meds again. Oops!

Will Bonnie EVER stop the lies?

As posted on Bonnie's blog of lies at

"Life is going to be super busy this week. First is my vision. I cannot see well enough to post and I’m making a lot of typos! I could sit super close to the computer, but that won’t work. It’s probably my high blood sugars this week, but I’m not sure. I have a doctor appointment in a week. I was in the hospital for a few days because I took a little too much pain medication. I’m all better now, so no worries, okay? No I didn’t shoot any videos while I was out there. I was super lonely and only three people from my real life came to see me, which pissed me off. I thought I was worth more than that!"

First and foremost, life is never busy for Bonnie Combs. Why? Because she never leaves her house. Bonnie was NOT hospitalized and has not been in several years. The last time she was it was due to her attempting and unfortunately failing to commit suicide. I imagine she really is lonely though. That could be busy she has no friends.

"This Friday is the big Valentine’s Day Party. I am both singing and dancing, with two different partners, so I have a lot of choreography and costume designing to get done by Friday. That means there will probably not be any posts here for a while, but never fear.When this is all said and done, there will be pictures and videos all over of what went down. I hope that no one films me singing and dancing, but what can I do to stop it?"

More lies. Gosh.. does she ever stop? Bonnie doesn't have any friends, let alone partners and she certainly does not know costume design or choreography. Bonnie singing and dancing? Show us videos of this. And it has to be you Bonnie - not your cousin Misty whom you have been impersonating for several years because you're insanely jealous of her. We all know that'll never happen because none of this is true, as per usual.

"The cherry on the top of the shit mountain is that my ex from years ago is trying to weasel back into my life. I don’t need it, but maybe this will turn out to be one of those things that is really a good thing? I can’t really see it, since he used to beat me up and had a small dick. But those weren’t the only reasons I left him behind me. Maybe some day I will go into greater detail of why our relationship failed and why I am happier without him in my life. He says he’s changed. I’ve heard that from so many abusers that I laugh when it’s handed to me."

Lies, lies and more lies! Bonnie wishes a man wanted to beat her up. Actually, a lot of people do but none of them being her ex lovers because Bonnie has never had a single lover. More lies for attention.What a pathetic waste of skin you are, Bonnie.

"With all of that going on in the background, I still have work, caring for the little ones, and caring for Dennis to keep me busy in the meantime."

Caring for what little ones? The turds you shit out into the toilet out back of your parents shack on 2337 w 47th street? We know you don't have any children and this Dennis you keep speaking of? He doesn't exist. Dennis is what she calls her father Clinton Combs, whom she's had a creepy incestual relationship with since she was fifteen years old. That's why she's such a useless retard who has made up lies on the internet for so many years.

And Bonnie? Your several hundred hateblogs do not qualify as "work." Give it up, fatty.

"With that, I am off to practice the dance routine. At least we have choreography and a song picked out! The hard part is somewhat over. I’m not expecting us to win, but I am hoping that we have a good time. Because why else would anyone want to sing and dance if they weren’t happy?"

Aw, Bonnie. Just stop the lies. We all saw the truth at your other blog - and Both of which were linked back to you via email and IP and both of which you deleted awfully quick. Perhaps to hide the truth? 

It's okay. We all know the truth. You can stop lying now. Nobody visits your blog anyway, except members of the B-team and people living in Tulsa who literally only visit to laugh at it's content, your lies and how insane you really are. 

Everybody knows that you're incredibly unhappy Bonnie. You always have been and you always will be. Unless you get help now. But we know that will never happen and that is why this blog receives 2000 visits a day.

It must be nice living in a delusional, schizophrenia fantasy world, eh Bonnie? Wait... no. It must suck. Considering you're nearly 34 years old, living with your parents in your childhood bedroom, have no friends, have a grade 6 education and the mentality of a 5 year old. 

Encyclopedia Dramatica Page

February 02, 2014

A long time ago, Bonnie Combs had an extensive Encyclopedia Dramatica page. While I have touched on this in the past, I figured it would be good to bring it back into light. The image is too damned big to direct link it here, but if you're interested in all the accounts she created *before* this blog was born, and how insane she truly is, complete with her talking to herself (she's infamous to make email addresses and twitter accounts and spend her time all day talking to herself because no one else will talk to her). Get it here! 

In the meantime, check out the revised, entirely truthful and totez lulzy ED page here.