Bonnie Combs - Publicly Exposed and Humiliated on Tumblr!

March 30, 2014

Recently another person was made aware of Bonnie Combs' ongoing harassment and denigration of others on the internet. This person, being sane and rational, immediately realized how wrong Bonnie's online antics were and contacted Bonnie inquiring about her mental health and requesting that she (Bonnie) seek help immediately.

In typical Bonnie Combs fashion, Bonnie went batshit crazy, posting even more libellous statements about Krystal Draper (Bonnie is obsessed with this woman, and who can blame her? Krystal is pretty rad. But it's actually become beyond obsessive at this point and anyone with a brain can see that it is downright creepy and definitely considered stalker behaviour.) and of course, it wouldn't be Bonnie if she didn't call the other person a crazy child molester because god knows, Bonnie is obsessed with child molestation and accusing other people of being crazy despite being beyond help herself and the only person doing wrong in this situation.

What REAL people think of Bonnie Combs:

This woman is incredibly intelligent and is well aware of how psychotic, pathetic and full of shit Bonnie is.

Words from a kind young woman who knew Bonnie when she was a child. This woman was able to tell us about her own personal experiences with Bonnie and her parents, and how absolutely crazy they were then (and still are)! This woman decided to google Bonnie, out of curiosity, and she wasn't too surprised to find out that Bonnie has accomplished nothing with her life.

Butthurt Bonnie Combs defaming people she's jealous of and spewing more ignorant bullshit, as per usual.

Bonnie Combs is one crazy cunt!

True talk. Only an idiot would believe Bonnie's lies. Such is proven by the very few people on Bonnie's side - They're all jobless, unloved losers who live with their parents, are arrested for DUI on the regular or fuck strangers for $50 on Broke Amateurs.

Always talking trash about Krystal, out of envy of course. Bonnie has a lot of nerve telling someone else to get off the internet when she's online 24/7 running up her mother's cable bill.

Bonnie has no knowledge whatsoever of US or UK laws.

Wise words from a new friend.

Bonnie is now claiming herself as a "licensed psychologist", hilarious considering last week Bonnie claimed to work at a funeral home and prior to that Bonnie was lying about being a professor at Oklahoma State University. Bonnie is unable to keep up with her own ridiculous lies, despise us exposing her as a liar every single time.

Which personality is this? Bonnie? Chretienne? Christine? Jamie? So many personalities, so many lies, so little time.

Check back soon! We have so many more lulzy screenshots to post!

Never-Ending Lies and Bullshit

March 26, 2014

The Butthurt Bonnie train is still running at full speed and milking it for everything it's got. Bonnie is now claiming to have been put on palliative care for her non-existent cancer (Bonnie has diabetes. Not cancer. Sick cunt likes to pretend to have cancer for attention, even though nobody is giving her any of it.) But while she's on "palliative care" she's also tending to her imaginary job at Oklahoma State University?

Clearly Bonnie has not actually attended nursing school (however, several of us have) because if she had then she would know that palliative care is often called end of life care and it is provided, often in a hospice, to aid in the quality of life of a person who is near death. Fred Phelps was in palliative care shortly before he died. Butthurt Bonnie Combs, the fat ass attention whore from Tulsa, Oklahoma who make up completely impossible lies on a daily, if not hourly basis, is not in palliative care. Don't believe her lies. Don't send her any money. She's actually sitting in bed right now - As confirmed by our friend who lives in Tulsa and knows Bonnie and her family in person. That bed that Bonnie hasn't left in about 10 years for any reason other than to pick up cheetos from the store using her mother Patricia Combs' credit card. Hell, we're told that Bonnie even wears adult diapers so she doesn't have to drag her fat ass to the washroom. Disgusting. But I digress.

We truly wish Bonnie was on palliative care because that would mean the fat psychotic bitch would be dying soon and we could attend her funeral and dance on her grave while singing "Ding, Dong. The witch is dead!" Bonnie's death would bring celebration to nearly 1000 people worldwide. Nothing would be better for this world than the death of Bonnie Combs - the most infamous cyberbully and liar in the entire world. Unfortunately only the good die young and Bonnie is not good. She's very much alive and not in palliative care, nor will she ever be because most prisons cannot offer such a service.


March 25, 2014

Someone needs to remind Bonnie that just because a person puts their blog on hiatus or doesn't update it - that doesn't mean they can't afford to pay for hosting. Honestly some people have a life and cannot blog every day like Bonnie can. That's what having no life outside of the internet gets you - 50ish domain names filled with make believe story tales from a fat sack of shit living with her parents in Tulsa. *Wink*

Up next: More real stories from real people who live in Tulsa and have encountered Bonnie's batshit behaviour in person.

Some new screenshots

March 21, 2014

First and foremost, we just had to post a screenshot of Bonnie's latest lulzy entry. It's her usual desperate attempt to get attention, although she's still failing. Nobody even visits her blog - let alone comments on it!

At least Bonnie is finally admitting to being unhappy, desperate and bored - three things a full-time professor and mother would never be. I doubt her truthfulness will last long though. Schizophrenic people tend to have brief moments of clarity before snapping back to being the psychotic and manipulative liars that they are - and Bonnie is no different.

Up next? New screenshots of the shack that Bonnie lives in with her parents, Patricia (Age: 70) and Clinton (Age: 71) What kind of 33 year old still lives with and sponges off their parents? Fuck Bonnie, you are such a loser! It's no wonder you have to harass pretty, talented and successful people online. If I had your life, which is shitty in every possible way, I would be a bitter and jealous cunt too!

Patricia and Clinton Combs bought the crapshack you see in the above photos on 12/19/96 for $20,000! How pathetic! They couldn't even afford more than $20,000 nearly 20 years ago! Hilarious!

Does this window look familiar?

It should, because it's the same window you see pictured here on Bonnie's public flickr page. You can even see her lame window decor in the google street view. Yet Bonnie still likes to lie and pretend she's totez not Bonnie Combs and doesn't live at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa despite us posting evidence proving otherwise in every way possible. It must be nice to be so ignorant, naive and delusional! *Wink*



Clinton C Combs Jr | 625 Elgin Avenue (Apartment 101) - Tulsa, Oklahoma: This is Bonnie's older brother. He lives with his common-law "wife" Myrna Howard in this low income housing complex. Bonnie claimed to have slept with Clinton and Myrna in 2004 when she blogged at as confirmed via word of mouth, photographs and screenshots sent to us by Spencer P.

It seems that no class, low income, white trash losers is to be expected when looking at the Combs family tree. Are you surprised? Bonnie Combs likes incest, bestiality and child pornography. You should expect no better!

Poor Pitiful Bonnie Combs

March 20, 2014

Bonnie Combs doesn't mind stealing her mother's credit card to purchase 50+ of her own personal domain names but she won't use her credit card to purchase a domain name about Krystal, the woman she's insanely jealous of. Could be because her mommy might cut her off if she found out what Bonnie does in her bedroom 24/7. What a sad, waste of life. .P.S. Change: Petition Tulsa OK Health Department to Demolish the crackhouse at 2337 w 47th street.

The Combs Family Dump - 2337 w 47th st - Tulsa, OK

March 19, 2014

I don't know if this is commonplace in Tulsa but the Combs family house is disgusting and filthy and should be torn down. I would almost feel bad for Bonnie if she weren't such a disgusting and filthy person herself. Nobody deserves to live in a decrepit shack that is ridden with bugs, mice and black mold. Not even Bonnie Combs.

In fact, we feel so strongly about this issue that we have filed a petition with the city of Tulsa to evict the Combs family and tear this shack down once and for all. But more about that later...

For now, here are some photos of the disgusting craphole that the nasty Combs family call their "home":

Disgusting. Filthy, bug-ridden, water-stained. Awful. No wonder her dog died. No wonder they're all so unhealthy - excluding their obvious issue with obesity. Black mold syndrome is a very serious matter. And it really is no wonder Bonnie is so bitter and so jealous of people who have what she will never have, even when it's something as basic as living in a clean and safe home.

What's more? Bonnie lives among dirty needles that she keeps in an open container for anyone to access. Would someone with children purposely expose them to filth, black mold and easily accessible needles? I don't think so. Look, everybody already knows that Bonnie lies about her life online. It's just sad that Bonnie is so pathetic and so psychotic that she doesn't know when to stop. .P.S. Obese people tend to die from diabetes, I'm sad to say.

Bonnie titled her entry containing all of these photos with "Urban Photos." Does Bonnie fancy herself an urban photographer? From her bedroom? Keep dreaming, fat ass! Even the most basic of photographers can avoid taking photos that are blurry and "orb" ridden. Bonnie Combs fails again! It must suck to suck at everything you lie about being good at on the internet, eh Bonnie?

Hmmm... what do you know? "Chretienne" still lives in the same house on the same street as this Bonnie Combs woman whom she claims not to be. Yawn. Schizophrenia is one hell of a terrifying mental disorder!

That's all for now. We'll be back to expose more of her delusional lies very soon. In the meantime, we're off to work on our report to the Tulsa Health Department regarding this shit-ridden shack. We'll keep you all updated on the situation!

Bonnie lies... again!

March 16, 2014

Bonnie claims that our website has helped her gain visitors and commenters. Now, we know this is blatantly untrue because we can see that nobody comments on her website, and when someone does they don't have a website URL - thus proving that it's Bonnie commenting to herself under another alias because nobody likes her.

Incidentally we have left a tracker on both her personal weblog and her hateblog several months ago. And guess what? Each blog receives approximately 5-11 hits a day, if she's lucky. Of those visitors, one is Angela, one is Antonia, one is Laura, one is from Fresno, CA and told us that they visit our blog and hers mostly for the lulz-factor and one is Kristen How sad. I suppose you'll make up any lie for attention when you're Bonnie Combs and your life is a miserable joke.

We'll stop laughing when Bonnie stops lying!

March 13, 2014

As all of our readers know, this blog is run by several different people. Unfortunately we all have a life (unlike Bonnie) and are unable to keep tabs on her or visit her blog of lies, Comatised, on a regular basis. Besides, with how often Bonnie blogs with bullshit content it's literally hard to keep up with. She blogs every single day. No life much?!

Anyway, here is a monthly post where we laugh our asses off at Bonnie and her desperate attempts to come across as being even slightly honest despite being publicly exposed as a liar in every single aspect of her pathetic life. But as long as Bonnie keeps lying, we'll keep laughing! So here we go...

Exhibit A

"I also apologise for any weirdness (1) that goes on within this site. I got a (2) new journal to write in. I’m not even finished with the two big ones that I have. Writing just comes so easily to me that I do it with my eyes closed. (3) I write and people love to read it.  (4) I am effectively archiving all of my posts elsewhere. I love that I am saving them for others to read, and for me to have later on. I am ready for spring break next week. (5) I want to not look like a weirdo. I’d probably get a raise if my boss walked in on me shirtless. (6) Seeing my tits, he probably would give me a raise! I don’t have any big plans for spring break this year. (7) My one month sobriety/clean anniversary. The first few days all what I could think about was heroin and my next fix."

(1) Isn't there always weirdness going on? It is, after all, Bonnie's blog of lies.

(2) How many journals does this crazy bitch need? She has 21 websites with different life stories and personalities for each that are currently in existence. I've said it before and I'll say it again: get a fucking life!

(3) Keep dreaming. I suppose it must be nice to be so insane and delusional, even when you're the only one falling for your lies. Poor pathetic Bonnie.

(4) Please just... don't. Nobody wants to read your entries. Nobody wants you to create another blog of lies. Nobody visits out of interest. People only visit to laugh at your dumb ass.

(5) Considering you weigh as much as the average cow and you rarely bathe, I doubt that's possible.

(6) HAHAHA!!! You mean, he might give you a raise if had never seen your fat, ugly ass in person and you e-mailed him a photo of the woman from tumblr that you were recently publicly exposed for impersonating on your blog of lies, Comatised? You wish you looked like that. In reality, he would run in the other direction but we all know this boss and that job doesn't exist. Well no.. they do, just not for you. *Wink*

(7) So now you were a heroin addict a month ago? Oh lordy. Do the lies ever end?! A month ago you were hospitalized after "nearly losing your leg", remember?! God. You can't even keep up with your own lies! So pathetic. And fyi, sweetheart: Pretending to be a recovering junkie isn't glamorous or cool. It's pathetic and offensive to people who really survive addiction, and cancer, and 9/11, and all the other things that you have pretended to survive for attention. Go kill yourself. Please.

Exhibit B:

"Dennis does his thing these days and (1) I’m left to help with homework, but in actuality I am just making sure the kids do their homework. (2Since giving up drugs, I feel a lot better, psychologically. (3) So I’m off to get some beauty sleep. 7am comes early! I have to be at work early. I love my job. Even if there’s only a few more weeks left."

(1) Dennis doesn't exist. The children don't exist. And Bonnie dropped out of school in grade five making it intellectually impossible for her to help anyone with their homework. She's too big of a retard.

(2) Again with the drugs. Bonnie was never a drug addict. And Bonnie will never feel better psychologically. Just stop the lies and get help, you crazy bird.

(3) Beauty sleep? Are you f*&%ing kidding me? All the sleep in the world (which you get every night seeing as you have no life whatsoever) wouldn't make you any less of a morbidly obese and hideous freak of nature.

Exhibit C: 

"Weird thing, (1) since getting off the patches and heroin. (2) Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I just wish it paid a little more. (3) I love working with Carl. (4Zinnia is talking more and more these days. (5) Chloe and I are getting dresses made for the special occasion."

(1) You guys... I can't even. I just can't any more with this crazy bitch and her lies. She's so fucking insane that it's making all of us go crazy just trying to rationalize or understand the point to all of this but there is no point. Bonnie Combs is literally just that crazy.

(2) Her job meaning her using the broom handle to poke her mother Patricia from the bedroom and harass her for more cheeto's because she's too lazy to get off her fat ass and get them herself.

(3) There is no Carl at OSU or OSU - Centre for Health Sciences. Kind of like there's no "Lance Danner" or "Chretienne." Go figure!

(4) Zinnia is Misty's child. Misty is charging Bonnie for impersonating her online all these years.

(5) Chloe, too, is Misty's child. Bonnie is a sick fuck and a child predator.

Exhibit D: 

"I am unusually sleepy today. (1) I took three naps and I want to sleep some more. (2) Lance, Michelle and I had our meeting today. (3) My job only pays about $2,500 per month. (4) I’m transferring files, mostly WordPress Themes, over to my new domain. In the mean time, (5) Zinnia has started babbling more. (6) It’s supposed to snow tonight, so no star gazing for me. (7) I didn’t get this way from being morbidly obese."

(1) How would someone who apparently works full-time and has 4-5 children nap three times in one day? Not possible. Doesn't happen. I work full-time and have two children and I NEVER nap. More proof that butthurt Bonnie is a career liar and lazy loser.

(2) Bonnie has a meeting with all of her imaginary friends inside her head. How cute! I wonder if they had tea and biscuits?

(3) Let's just amuse this lie for a moment. If Bonnie truly had this job, and made this kind of money, then why would she literally live in a tiny shithole, that could almost be considered a trailer, with her momma and dadda, as seen here on her public twitter account? She wouldn't. Impossible. More lies. Nobody in the Combs family has ever had a job. 

(4) We've already located the domain and will post it once it goes live. Funny how Bonnie insults Katy and Krystal, two women Bonnie is insanely jealous of, for occasionally moving blogs when Bonnie moves blogs about 25 times a year. And we can't help but pity Bonnie's disabled mother, Patricia, because Bonnie regularly financially, physically and emotionally abuses her. Bonnie Combs is a disgusting psychopath and a horrible person.

(5) Zinnia, who is actually Misty's (Bonnie's cousin) child, is not actually named Zinnia and she's nearly five now. Just an FYI. Also, if Zinnia was born over a year ago and just started babbling now then she would be considered kind-of retarded. Food for thought. Bonnie likes to lie.

(6) Bonnie even lies about being a star-gazer because every astronomer knows that the stars are most easily viewed in the dead of winter. Bonnie is totes pathetic.

(7) Um, Bonnie... did you forget that you actually are morbidly obese? I can't imagine what kind of "Lala Land" must exist in your head on a daily basis.

Talk about Insanity on 2337 w 47th street. Combs family values. Let's start a reality show on these losers. I bet they'll rake in loads of cash! Normal people love to laugh at the idiots and losers of the world!

Submission and More Lies Exposed!

March 11, 2014

An anonymous Tulsatian submitted the following commentary for public display on our blog:

"Everyone online and in the city of Tulsa knows what a fat, crazy cunt Bonnie Combs is. She's a loser and a lunatic. We know. We visit the blog. We know her in person. She's a nut. So, Bonnie you don't need to keep sticking up for yourself - we all know the truth." - Tulsatian who unfortunately knows Bonnie in person.

And now, to expose more of Bonnie's bullshit and lies. Bonnie took to craigslist to try and stick up for herself recently. And although she failed miserably (as usual) but we still felt the need to make her more recent defamatory statements known.

"This is what Katy does, she invents multiple personalities to make her nonsense look legit. She expects us to believe that there are others out there that are disgruntled that Bonnie has stalked them, When there is no evidence what so ever to support this claim. There is tons of evidence supporting the fact that Katy has been stalking Bonnie. Just google Bonnie to see the many lies this degenerate has posted." - Butthurt Bonnie Combs.

First and foremost, we have talked to Katy both online and via telephone and she is a lovely person who is free of any pretension and does not lie or bully other people on the internet. Much like Bonnie's other victims, Katy does not have time to bully people on the internet because unlike Bonnie she has a career and a family and a real life outside of the internet - something Bonnie will never understand.

Katy is nothing more than another totally innocent victim of Bonnie's abuse. Bonnie has been doing this to people for years. She finds a victim whom she's insanely jealous of, defames and harasses and tries to ruin their life out of envy, then plays the victim card and tries to deflect and force the blame onto her victims.

Sorry Bonnie but nobody is buying it. You've been playing the same pathetic game for so long. It doesn't work any more. Try something else. Or maybe try deleting your 500+ hateblogs and blogs in general? Try deleting your life altogether? Maybe get a real life?

Who are we kidding? That'll never happen.

However, we fixed Bonnie's bullshit statement by removing her lies and changing a few words:

"This is what Katy Bonnie does, she invents multiple personalities to make her nonsense look legit. She expects us to believe that there are others out there that are disgruntled that Bonnie Katy or Krystal has stalked them, When there is no evidence what so ever to support this claim. There is tons of evidence supporting the fact that Katy Bonnie has been stalking Bonnie Katy, Krystal and so many other people since as early as 1999. Just google Bonnie the names of Bonnie's many victims to see the many lies this degenerate has posted." - Bonnie Combs on .... Bonnie Combs!

Much better, right? Who does Bonnie think she's fooling? There's absolutely no evidence that Bonnie has ever been bullied because she never has been. All of the blogs online serve one simple purpose: to expose Bonnie's many lies and contradictions and to warn other people about Bonnie's ongoing abuse, denigration and harassment of people who are better than her.

Bonnie is not the victim. Bonnie has never been and will never be the victim. If Bonnie is the victim in this situation then the Tulsa police (and Oklahoma State University) would be pursuing legal action against Misty, Katy, Krystal, etc... and not Bonnie. Unfortunately, it's Bonnie they're interested in. Go figure!

Bonnie is too much of a retard to make her own lies believable.

March 09, 2014

Bonnie Combs quickly deleted and shortly after we discovered them (Can't have anyone find out the truth about her pitiful existence, right? Oh wait. Too bad we already have!) In typical crazy Bonnie fashion - she immediately registered another domain name (using her mother Patricia's credit card, of course) and a new alias with it.

What domain name / alias was that? None other than Bonnie Danner.

About a month ago, a person named "Lance Danner" started following Bonnie on twitter. We found this odd, considering Bonnie claims that her fictitious husband is named Dennis.

Bonnie has been using the alias Lance since as early as 2001. He is nothing more than a figment of her imagination. Another one of her make believe friends because she doesn't have any real friends. How sad.

Of course, she chose to make her lie even more unbelievable by making Lance Danner a pharm student at Oklahoma State University. The same university that Bonnie has been pretending to work at for several years despite being publicly exposed on this blog and publicly chastised by real professors at OSU.


I'm glad Bonnie is psychotic enough to believe her ridiculous lies because nobody else does.

Important News: We're back on blogspot! We will be cross-posting our entries from this blog to the new one from now on.

A Note to Bonnie Combs from one of her (many) victims.

March 08, 2014

Bonnie Combs is constantly accusing others of stealing photos despite being publicly exposed for stealing photos many times herself. In typical Bonnie fashion, Bonnie took to her hate blog for a woman she's insanely jealous of - Krystal "Draper" - and told her to post her photos of Tulsa and not "stolen photos" from LiquidMeth.

The funny thing is that Krystal posted her very own photos of Tulsa on her twitter account nearly two weeks ago and Krystal doesn't claim any untagged photos on her twitter account to be her own. Unlike Bonnie.

Krystal also made it quite clear that none of the photos on LiquidMeth's page belong to him. As it's quite common to reblog and repost images throughout the internet, especially on tumblr and twitter, and it's perfectly fine to do so as long as you don't claim them as your own. And Krystal did not claim those photos as her own. 

Basically, Butthurt Bonnie Combs aka "Beefy" was once again publicly humiliated. Bonnie should really learn to keep her big, fat mouth shut. She's too big of an idiot and only makes a fool of herself whenever she spews this nonsense. Derp

Bonnie Combs is one sick and twisted monster.

March 06, 2014

As if the entire world needed more proof that Bonnie Combs aka "Chretienne Ouelette" has way too much time on her hands and is really sick in the head. 

As posted on Bonnie's tumblr page @Comatised: Bonnie thinks it's fun to troll omegle in the middle of the night, lure young teenage boys out of boredom, solicit them for cybersex then threaten to harass their family. Sound familiar? Yea. That's kinda her MO

Classy, right? What kind of 33, nearly 34, year old woman does this with her spare time?

News flash Bonnie: The only person doing anything wrong in this situation (or any other situation, for that matter) is YOU. What you're doing is technically illegal and I could report you to the Tulsa police for attempting to lure children for cybersex. I'm sure they won't mind. The file they have on you has grown quite large already and it will only help build an ever-growing case against you. But apparently you're so fucking useless and retarded that you didn't think of that.

How pathetic of a human being must you be to harass and stalk people nearly 20 years younger than you? And especially to harass them for wanting to jerk off to pictures of tits. HELLO?!?! ALL TEENAGE BOYS DO THAT. IF THEY DON'T, THEN THERE IS PROBABLY SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM.

Honestly, it's a shame that Bonnie didn't spend the last fourteen years of her pathetic life using her obvious boredom to her advantage and actually acquiring an education and a career and a husband and children and a house and oh, you know maybe a life? You know.. all the things Bonnie pretends to have on her blog.

But nope! Bonnie would much prefer to waste fourteen years harassing and victimizing wonderful, mentally-sound people out of envy and a bitter-fueled rage for anyone better than her which is just about anyone at this point. Hell, I've met drug-addled prostitutes who have more class, tact and intelligence than Bonnie Combs could ever hope to have.

Thankfully Bonnie's time is going to come very soon. The Tulsa authorities are watching her and they have now been alerted to her behaviour and attempting to locate child pornography on the internet. Sicko.

But honestly. Is anyone surprised by this? Bonnie Combs hoards photos of naked women between the ages of 12 and 65. Bonnie is obsessed with children to the point where she has stolen photos of other people's children and claimed them as her own AND Bonnie has threatened to kidnap, molest and physically harm the children of her victim's in the past and that includes one of her more recent victims - Jenn. Apparently Bonnie's own father, Clinton Combs, was previously incarcerated for child rape so the demented lifestyle and sicko frame of mind clearly runs in the family. No surprise. They're already Tulsa hick trash as it is anyway.

Enjoy your "Freedom" (IE: Laying in your twin-sized Salvatipn Army bed 24/7 while eating cheeto's, watching King of the Hill and cyberbullying people you're jealous of) while it lasts because you will never see it again when we're done with you.

Lastly, this young man, Nick, has been added to our victims page. We contacted him and gave him Bonnie's personal information so he can report her as well!

The B-Team and World in General: 1

Butthurt Bonnie Combs aka Beefy / Chretienne: 0

ANOTHER domain name?!?!

March 04, 2014

Every time Bonnie is exposed as a fraud on the internet, she steals her mother's credit card to buy a new domain name and create a new alias and fake life. Bonnie owns - what, like 50 domains? Each with a different life story. Unbelievable.

Thankfully our B-Team got on it right away and we already know the domain name. We will publicly post it when Bonnie starts using it on a regular basis.

Once again, we will never remove any of our content or leave Bonnie alone unless she takes a photo of herself with her husband and children at Oklahoma State University while holding a piece of paper that says "Chretienne Ouelette" on it.

We requested this of Bonnie several months ago. For someone who seems so panic stricken, she hasn't done this yet. I wonder why? Could be because Chretienne Ouelette doesn't exist. Bonnie doesn't have a husband, children, job or a house. It's all a lie, as we have proven several times on this blog and will continue to for many years to come.

Enjoy it. :)

Bonnie Combs - Brutal Dog Killer

March 01, 2014

An anonymous dear sent in an e-mail to us this afternoon. They reported that Bonnie's abused and neglected dog passed away today - because Bonnie had refused to feed him, stating that she needed the money to buy herself cheetos and coca cola.

Allegedly, the dog had been quite sick for a while and was in desperate need of surgery but Bonnie and co. were too preoccupied with spending what little government-funded money they had on Mcdonald's and illegally obtained Oxycontin

Naturally Bonnie took to her blog of lies,, to claim that she received the news of her dog's death while at "work", work being the secret code for "actually laying in bed because I never leave it except to check the computer and harass people out of envy."

Of course Bonnie is blaming her neighbours for the death of her dog. That's only natural. Everything is always somebody else's fault in Bonnie's coocoo banana's life of nonsensical bullshit, mental breakdowns, paranoid schizophrenic delusions, psychosis-induced rage and petty high school drama

In reality, Bonnie's neighbours are very sweet and hard working people who cannot stand the Combs family, much like everybody else who lives on W 47th street in Tulsa. And who can blame them? Bonnie and co. are beyond unlikable. They're human scum and a total waste of air. They contribute nothing but ugliness to this world.

In closing, Bonnie Combs of 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma is a fat, psychotic, dog killer who likes to hoard child porn, make incest allegationsthreaten to kidnap people's children, call people n*ggers and claim that the victims of 9/11 deserved what they got and harass pretty, successful young women out of envy.