Bonnie's Druggy, Jailbait, Loser "Friends"

May 21, 2014

Schizophrenia is one hell of a disease!

Due to having a life outside of the internet (unlike Bonnie Combs and crew), we're unable to update as often as we would like. However, we do keep up with Bonnie's ever-constant lulzy lies and will continue to post them here as much as possible for all of you to laugh at!

"On this day in 2004, I became the foster parent of my nephew. Everything was legally set up, and he began high school in the fall of 2004. There are days when I miss him incredibly. I find something on the web, or I want to tell him that he is safe now, the monster has died, and I can’t, because he already beat her to it. Today is a celebration. Tomorrow will be the five-year anniversary of my oldest daughter’s death. Cancer has taken so much away from me, but it hasn’t taken away my ability to love, care and hope."

We all know this nephew of hers has never existed. Bonnie Combs is not allowed to be around anyone under the age of 18 because she was charged with child molestation and entered into the Tulsa, Oklahoma sex offender registry in 2001. Bonnie is one of those sick fucks who enjoys making up lies for attention. Nobody gave her attention growing up, because she was a hideous, obese lunatic, so she is constantly seeking it on the internet. Hence why she's been blogging lies for the past 15 years.

.P.S. Bonnie does not have cancer and never has. Bonnie has never had a daughter, certainly not one who died five years ago. If you read through her blog entries from five years ago, you'll find no mention of said "daughter" (although we're sure Bonnie will rush to publish and back-date another bullshit entry in hopes of fooling someone.)

"Chris was such a wonderful person that it really makes me mad that he is ignored in death. Maybe this is because people think that he killed himself. I remember when Rachel first died people thought that she had killed herself too, but she really hadn’t. Then they started leaving little trinkets at her grave."

And the lies never end! What kind of sick loser enjoys getting attention by lying about non-existent people and saying they committed suicide? Is this the norm in Oklahoma? Bonnie's make believe life is a soap opera and her lies only get funnier with every passing day.

"So now it’s time to stop goofing off and make some more CDs, drink some more Very Berry juice drink, and just chill out waiting for Carl to get sick of grading papers so that I can take over and make for an interesting day at work."

I don't see a point in touching on this. Obviously Bonnie is crazy enough to continue with the OSU lies and fictitious people named Carl despite the staff at Oklahoma State University | Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa, Oklahoma and the Sand Springs, Oklahoma police department stepping forward and saying that everything Bonnie writes about is a lie and that she does not work for them under any possible name.

More to come!

Silly Lies...

May 20, 2014

One of the most disingenous questions I've ever seen Bonnie ask. It's more like, how could anyone not notice that her favourite pastime is to generate a seemingly endless supply of new online identities?

Bonnie also claims that her father has had to run Katy off their property with a shotgun on numerous occasions. Katy lives in Ohio; what would she be doing wandering around Tulsa?

If the thought of a man named Billy having a son named Corrigan sounds vaguely familiar, you're probably right. Bonnie is known to be a big fan of the Smashing Pumpkins, as evidenced by her past mention of her fan site Who's the lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins? Why, that would be Billy Corgan, of course.

Like any good imaginary character in Bonnie's world, "Corrigan" had leukemia but was really murdered. And of course all the attendees at his memorial are known for their multiple websites (pardon me, domains) and blogs.

Next she starts an LJ community dedicated to Corrigan, whose last name is apparently O'Dowd. For some reason, she names the community billy_o. Why not corrigan_o?

I could fill up an entire post with information about (as opposed to, but suffice it to say that it was an independent site dedicated to "reviewing" people's LiveJournals that was run by someone named McClane. McClane had a variety of LJ accounts, including julianbashireuphuistchenhoabdulsharif, and, later,kindandgenerous. McClane variously claimed to be a BMW-driving Boeing employee who spent his off-hours moonlighting as a pediatrician and a salesclerk at Eddie Bauer, which I suppose is the sort of busy life one leads when one has studied at Harvard, Yale, and MIT (as well as Oxford, the Sorbonne, and the Louvre). Clearly this is someone who is very credible and trustworthy.

Then, since it's been a couple of days since someone in Bonnie's world has died, we segue into a paragraph about how Shelly, one of her pets, was "murdered" while she was out. In Bonnie's words, that's "really weird". She really has a gift for understatement, doesn't she?

New Site Coming Soon

May 19, 2014

We're in the process of making a new information site with all the posts from here available on it. So watch for that!

As for Bonnie Combs, there's no more evidence that she's done anything as my minions have not contacted me. She must not have internet access, because she does things on a daily basis, hence the title of this blog: Daily Bonnie.

We're Still Here!

May 15, 2014

We're still here! We've been busy having a real life, having a real career and taking care of real children - something Bonnie Combs wouldn't understand because she only pretends to do those things every day! In reality her day consists of struggling to pull her enormous ass out of bed to grab another bag of cheetos.

Not much has changed. Bonnie is still lying about Megan Lewis and Krystal Draper out of envy. But who can really blame her? If I were a morbidly obese, almost 34 year old woman with a grade six education and still sleeping in my childhood twin-sized bed in my parents mould-ridden trailer, I'd be jealous of awesome and successful women too!

We'll start posting more often soon, I'm sure.

Misty Combs

May 05, 2014

What Bonnie Combs thinks of Misty Combs - Her own flesh and blood cousin whom she has been impersonating for the past several years on her many, many, MANY blogs.