More Accounts and More Lies

June 30, 2014

Another journal?!?! How many journals does this fat cow need? One for each personality? and yes, it’s full of lies like every other journal.
We’re beginning to understand why Bonnie and Laura are such great friends - not only are they both hideously ugly and batshit crazy, but they both love to lie on the internet for attention. 

Stalk Harder

June 29, 2014

Looks like Bonnie Combs has been a busy little cyberstalker and story teller this weekend (What else would she do? She has no friends and the confirmed IP from both reports is - Bonnie Combs current IP address.)
You see, Bonnie, we have friends all over the web that are willing to tell on you, where as you have none. These people are also willing to testify to the police that you are impersonating them on the internet, and you, dumbfuck, used a place where you cannot edit or delete what you have put on there. So it will be there when Tom Milburn sees it come Monday.
One  Two and Three
That second one is going straight Tom Milburn, the detective who visited Bonnie Combs at her home at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, to let him know that Bonnie Combs is impersonating him on the web.
I'm sure impersonating a police officer is against the law, even in Tulsa. Or in the rare case that Bonnie Combs is telling the truth, and her lack of links, paper work, and legitimate proof will have intelligent people questioning the validity of her claims, then his sergeant, Williams, will be interested in knowing that Tom Milburn lied on record to an insane person, and "insane person" was Tom's words, not mine, about what was said at the "interview".
We're chuckling to ourselves, watching psychotic Bonnie Combs scrambling to create new lies in hopes that someone believes them - but nobody ever does. Fat bitch is terrified because ten of her victims will be in Tulsa again in August to sue her and have her put in prison.
Oh and Bonnie, you can quit it with the "Christine" "Chretienne" working at OSU thing. OSU has already confirmed you don't work there and they are pursuing charges against you for fraud. You should probably quit while you're behind, loser.
Also, Bonnie, Tom warned you to be careful who you defame or you will be looking at charges. You've now defamed a very talented person who has  a lot of money invested in her business - something you wouldn't understand because you've never held an actual dollar bill in your hand, only foodstamps - and this woman can easily sue you for hundreds of thousands of dollars that you don't have and will never have.
More lulz to come.

Bonnie Combs facebook account

June 28, 2014

Thanks to one of our many and very dedicated visitors, we were able to track down Bonnie’s facebook account. It seems that Bonnie Combs is now going by the name “Bonni Combs" on the internet… Not that it makes much of a difference considering a quick google search yields the same truthful results: that Bonnie Combs of Tulsa, Oklahoma is a pedophile, terrorist, white supremacist, dog killer, meth head, convicted prostitute, drug dealer and child rapist.

We were able to message all of Bonnie’s so-called facebook “friends" and confirm that not a single person has any idea who Bonnie is and none of them have ever met her or worked with her in their life. Go figure. Bonnie Combs is a liar. Who knew? (Obvious sarcasm is obvious.)

Keep sending in those screenshots guys! We love exposing this fat, jealous cunt for who she really is: a manipulative, psychotic, pathetic loser who lies about her life on the internet for attention.

Better go create another new personality again Bonnie, and hope that someone actually believes your lies this time. (Psst… Nobody ever will.)

Hilarious childhood photos of Bonnie "the fat fuck" Combs!

June 27, 2014

Update: Bonnie "the fat fuck" Combs sure is mad that we found her childhood pictures! She's attempted to claim the photo is of a dead child, who she bullied out of envy in school but her own cousin, Misty, one of the many amazing women that Bonnie insanely jealous of, confirmed that the photos are indeed of Bonnie. Sorry, fat fuck! Try again. And next time you try to google naked photos of Krystal Draper at age 8, try using a proxy you sick, child raping freak.

What a fat fuck! It’s sad to see that Bonnie was never cute.

The last photo is of Bonnie’s cousin, Misty. The beautiful, successful woman that Bonnie has been impersonating (out of envy) for more than ten years.

More lies and fake profiles!

June 26, 2014

Kudos to the awesome anon user who sent this to us. More fake personalities and profiles! Bonnie also goes by “Bonni C”, “Bonni Combs”, “Lennongale” and “Rachel” online.

When Bonnie isn’t eating cheetos and flicking it to pictures of Katy and Krystal, she can be found impersonating dozens of people online, pretending to live in Chicago and pretending to have been born in London, England.

*Rolls eyes up to the skies*

Everybody hates Bonnie Combs!

June 18, 2014


June 16, 2014

This just in: Bonnie Combs - aka Chretienne Ouelette aka Christine Armstrong aka Jamie Vaughn aka Christina aka Pixie Maguire aka Crystal Larson aka one thousand other made-up aliases with bogus back stories that lack any substantial proof - is such a retard that she can't even keep up with her own lies! (That's no surprise though.. right? The Tulsa inbred hickness of the Combs/Webb family duo runs thick in her mc'nugget ridden veins!)

Bonnie recently posted a screenshot of Krystal's (the woman Bonnie is so ferociously jealous of to the point where she's become embarrassingly sloppy in her envious cyberstalking work and neglects to edit her screenshots properly) IP address and posted about how Krystal visited Daily Krystal.

That's all fine and dandy, right? Wrong!

Directly above Krystal's IP address was a recent visit to "Chretienne Ouelette's" most recent lie blog post about her "dead dog" (the dog is not dead, as told to us by her own neighbour, but Bonnie will continue to pimp out her latest lie - in the soap opera that is her pitiful, fictitious online life - for attention because that is her only hobby (too bad she isn't even good at that... It must be tough sucking at everything so hard. It's no wonder Bonnie is so enraged in her jealous of hot babes like Krystal, Misty, Katy and Renee.)

More examples of Bonnie's lies? There's so many! The fake job at OSU, all of her friends and family dying from suicides or overdoses, a handful of fake aliases, heroin addiction, fake cancer, fake children (her cousins children too... how sad!), fake husband, and so on and so forth.

What a fucking loser!

People are getting clued in!

June 13, 2014

Bonnie has been requesting people donate to her "friend" who is nothing more than a methamphetamine and crack cocaine user and that is why she has no teeth left at the tender age of 31.

This "woman", much like Bonnie Combs the convicted Tulsa child molester, thinks it's funny to pretend to have cancer and other illnesses in a pitiful attempt to scam the good people of tumblr (and twitter) out of their hard earned money.

In reality, she has money. She collects a good chunk of money from the government, ie: welfare and food stamps, but you can't buy crack cocaine with food stamps and that is why she is now asking for donations.

Bonnie Combs, being a con artist herself, saw this as an easy way to make a quick buck for herself and her pain medication addiction. Thankfully, most people are smarter than Bonnie and her only friend (MUCH smarter) and saw right through this scam. That is why no one has donated a penny to this woman or to Bonnie.

Keep warning the public, folks!

Bonnie Combs is one butthurt (and jealous) loser!

June 10, 2014

Rumour has it that while most people were starting to celebrate their summer vacations, Bonnie Combs made over 3,000 Twitter accounts to harass and defame a woman named Krystal. Krystal has an amazing sense of humour, better than anything Bonnie Combs could ever hope for, and Bonnie went on a mission to ruin this woman who did nothing more than defend her friends while Bonnie was writing lies about them online. I encourage all our readers to read and follow this twitter: and

It's funny, it shows the deleted tweets that Bonnie can't seem to stand behind longer than a few seconds, and it's written by a brilliant woman from Tulsa. Proof that not all people from Tulsa are horse screwing, hairy, substance abusers who get online and abuse other people like Bonnie Combs. Kudos.

The twitter account recently published a photo rubbing Krystal's vacation in Bonnie's fat, ugly face. Bonnie has been claiming Krystal's vacation was a lie (out of envy of course) despite photos and ip evidence proving otherwise. We somehow doubt these pictures are edited but we're sure Butthurt Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa child molester, will find a way around it! Such is the life of a delusional inbred retard.

Caption: "Put this together for Butthurt Bonnie or "Pixie Maguire" as she likes to go by on the internet aka her only friend. Krys may be decent at photoshop but nobody can edit pics this well. Source: Stay jealous cause you'll never leave your Momma's trailer."

Interested in seeing more lulztastic screenshots? Check these pages out: One, Two, Three, Four and Five!

Until next time, my friends!

Psychotic Behaviour

June 06, 2014

Bonnie Michelle Combs, convicted child molester from Tulsa, Oklahoma is not a very good liar and her psychotic behaviour on twitter really shows that she has a handful of severe mental illnesses:

Thank you anonymous for e-mailing us this screenshot of Bonnie attempting to buy drugs:

Here's a screenshot of Bonnie Combs showing her true colors:

And now, for the lulz:

Please Bonnie... Finish the job next time!

June 04, 2014

Who is this "L" etard that Bonnie always refers to? Obvs either her or someone equally as moronic..

L" stands for Laura Michelle Smith / Laura Michelle Hamilton. Also known as Loralee Smith, Lola Smith, Lola Briggade, Brianne Austin, Elle Kingsley, Cobblestone Cloth, etc…

Yes, she is just as psychotic and moronic as Bonnie is, if not more. Basically, Laura is a super haggard tranny pothead with a bad case of meth mouth and acne (and a moustache and jay leno chin) who neglects her hideous down syndrome - esque child (who has a really epic fivehead) to scam people online and harass several young women on twitter.

She also likes to call people fat despite being quite fat herself before she was ever pregnant. She also likes to make fun of people’s husbands when her boyfriend looks like this and refuses to marry her. (Who can blame him?)

Did we mention she looks a lot like Michael Jackson / an actual rat?

More about Laura Smith Hamilton here: