Moar Accounts

August 30, 2014 <- Yet another domain name!

Butthurt Bonnie Combs sure has been busy using her dead mother's credit card to register domain names in the name of her victims. Guess the mental hospital doesn't have much entertainment to offer, now does it?

We've forwarded this to Detective Williams of the Tulsa Cyber Crimes Division, who is currently investigating Bonnie Combs for fraud, criminal harassment, cyber crimes and crimes against children. Feel free to give him a shout!

What domain name will Batshit Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa terrorist, register next?

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Who knows! It could be anything. The one thing we can say for certain is that Bonnie will register another 100 domain names by the end of 2014. Because when it comes to being crazy, Bonnie Combs does it best.

As Krys said before.. "Chaching!" Can't wait to read about the lawsuit. <3 Hopefully Bonnie can stop fucking her creepy father Clinton long enough to get a real job, because she can't pay Krystal is foodstamps.

Why is Bonnie Combs Cell Phone linked to so many email accounts?

August 29, 2014

Bonnie Combs swears up and down that she has nothing to do with,,,,, and so on. (There's about 100 websites created about Krystal. They're linked on the hateblogs page.) It's been proven countless times that Bonnie Combs is a psychotic loser, a pathological liar, and a serial cyberbully who destroys people she's jealous of. It's also been proven time and time again that Bonnie Combs does, in fact, run all of the blogs listed above, as well as hundreds upon thousands of others about people she's insanely jealous of and wishes she could be.

Time for more proof. (Because unlike Batshit Bonnie Combs, we actually back-up all of our allegations with proof. Why? Because we never lie. Bonnie Combs always lies, especially when it comes to all of the beautiful and talented women that she is jealous of.)

Bonnie Combs cell phone number is (918) 845-5117 This has been her cell phone number for years because she can't afford the $5 service fee to have it changed and apparently Bonnie isn't too concerned that her cell phone number is closely tied to the death of several dogs and drug dealing in Tulsa, Oklahoma dating back to as early as 2007. But I digress.

We noticed that this phone number was closely tied to several accounts used to stalk, harass and impersonate several of Bonnie Combs victims, including Krystal and Katy.

Bonnie's cell phone number is used as a recovery option for the following email addresses:
Recognize any of those emails? You should. The first two are used as a contact method at several of the hateblogs used to defame "Krystle Draper". The third email, "Kathy Action" is the alias Bonnie went by ten years ago when she was obsessed with - and impersonating - a woman named Katy McGreevey aka Katy Action. (Bonnie stole and from Katy as well.)

The last email? Alcoholicwhine? That was the username registered to a fictional man named "Jarrod" whom Bonnie Combs was in a "relationship" with ten years ago. All of Bonnie's "relationships" exist only inside her head. More proof that Bonnie Combs from Tulsa, Oklahoma is a psychotic sack of shit, a pathological liar, and a demented lunatic with multiple personalities who stalks, defames and impersonates people out of envy, and leads fictional fairy tale lives inside her tiny, minuscule, barely functioning, white-trash, inbred brain.

And of course, because unlike Butthurt Bonnie Combs, the Tulsa terrorist, we always have proof to back-up our 100% true allegations. So here's some screenshots!

We could so easily hack into all of Bonnie's fake e-mail addresses that she uses to stalk and threaten her victims with but we're not going to. Why bother? We would only find more proof of our allegations, and more of Bonnie's batshit insane psychobabble via her 100,000+ e-mail addresses.

We'll update our accounts page shortly with links to every single webpage registered under the username "AlcoholicWhine / Jarrod" because they all belong to Bonnie, as well as every single other account that every befriends or agrees with anything she says. Nobody in their right mind would believe her or waste their time on her.

More to come!

Comparison of Blogger Profiles over the Years

Here's a comparison of Bonnie's main blogger profile dating back from 2005 until 2014. You'll notice that it's always been the same profile, with the same URL, but that it's content has changed over time. This includes photos of women that Bonnie has claimed to be, professions, biography, and so on.

So strange how she's always changing her name, her photo and her story. Her behaviour might lead people to think she isn't who she claims to be. Oh wait. Everyone already knows that.

Anyway, here's a photo Bonnie used several years ago. Recognize this lady? It's obviously not Bonnie Combs.

Oh, and Bonnie pretended to be Zooey Deschanel in 2005/2006. It's hilarious that she ever thought people would believe it's her. Like there's anyone in the world who doesn't know who Zooey Deschanel is, right?

Bonnie Combs is such an uneducated, unoriginal, repetitive and desperate cunt.

More Domain Names

August 24, 2014

This crazy bitch should put more effort into getting a real life and less effort into registering 500+ domain names on her dead mother's credit card.
Bonnie's newest scam? Stealing photos of cam girls and pretending to be bisexual while scamming innocent people out of money. Bonnie Combs is a sick fuck!

How Bonnie Combs Really Is

August 23, 2014

It sure is cute how Bonnie Combs likes to pretend she was besties with Roxanne DeLozier and that Bonnie has been using Roxanne's death for her own financial gain. The truth? Roxanne hated Bonnie Combs. Roxanne was yet another one of Bonnie's victims. Bonnie tortured and tormented Roxanne for years. Bonnie wished death on Roxanne and now that Roxanne is dead, Bonnie is using Roxanne's death to her own advantage. If that doesn't prove what Bonnie Combs is really like, then we don't know what will.

Bonnie uses Roxanne's old website ApathysEcstasy to collect donations:

Roxanne's forum post from 2004 about what Bonnie did to her:

Bonnie's posts on Comatised about Roxanne. Seems they weren't the greatest of friends back then. Oh wait, that's right. They never were. Bonnie Combs is a sick, twisted, sadistic cunt from hell.


Bonnie's bogus entry about how sad she is that a woman she wished rape and death on is dead. It's all bullshit. Bonnie simply used this event to gain sympathy from people because Bonnie Combs is a psychotic fuck who thrives on that kind of sick shit.

Lulz and Stolen Photos

First and foremost, does anyone recognize any of the people in the below photos? Bonnie used all of these photos on her old website We know these photos don't belong to Bonnie and we know Bonnie doesn't know any of these people so your input would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise we'll have to assume that Bonnie is harvesting more photos of her victims and their children to send to child pornography websites like she did to people in the past. We will forward our findings to the Tulsa Police Department regardless.

I'm assuming Bonnie was pretending that this guy is her husband:

Bonnie claimed this little boy was dating her daughter. Bonnie doesn't have any children so it's clearly another stolen photo.

Bonnie used to pretend to be this woman when she ran frozen-stars back in 2002. It's obviously not the same girl that Bonnie pretends to be now. Recognize her?

Bonnie used to call this guy "Chris" and claimed he was yet another one of Bonnie's dead friends. What's his real name?

Screenshots of crimsonsparkle with Bonnie's stolen photos in the sidebar:

This is who Bonnie is currently pretending to be. We identified this woman as Misty Combs, Bonnie's cousin. Bonnie has also stolen all of Misty's photos and claims Misty's children as her own as well.

Bonnie Combs is such a big loser and her pathetic life revolves around the internet so much that she celebrates her blog of lies birthday:

Bonnie's bullshit biography from 2002:

Stolen photos of children on Comatised:

Bonnie blaming her problems on her "stalkers" as per usual. In fact, Bonnie doesn't have any stalkers. Bonnie Combs is the stalker. It sure is cute how to Bonnie, everything is always someone else's fault though. Stay psycho, cunt.

Bonnie Combs likes to lie and pretend that she was born in London, England when she's never even left Tulsa:

Bonnie said she was moving to Queens, New York with her fictional husband and children in 2010. What ever happened to that? Oh, that's right. That was just another one of Bonnie's psychotic lies. Bonnie has never left her childhood bedroom at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, Oklahoma and she never will.

More lulz to come!