Bonnie Combs is Completely Out of Her Mind!

October 30, 2014

Bonnie's twitter account @stxr has been hi-larious lately! Bonnie has invented two new friends who exist entirely in her mushy little brain. Bonnie has continued with the lies and bullshit despite being publicly exposed! This is true insanity folks! If you look up schizophrenia, insanity, delusional, and so on in the dictionary, you'll find Bonnie's fat, rat-kissing face next to the definition.

Digging those $3 earrings from Claire's. Is that where you got your "wedding ring" too Bonnie? Hint: You'll have to spend at least $100 on a ring to make it look believable as a wedding ring. Cheap welfare rings will not work. Guess you're SOL, huh?

What else? There's some interesting developments regarding legal action against Bonnie. We can't say anything just yet but it will all come to light very, very soon. Bonnie might want to start deleting her websites and hard drives and perhaps hide out for a while!

Bonnie Combs - Counselling Suicide

October 27, 2014

While the rest of the world was enjoying their weekend with friends and family, Bonnie Combs was sitting alone in her childhood bedroom at 5am obsessively refreshing Krystal Draper's twitter page and posting lies about her out of envy on Some things never change. Bonnie Combs having no life happens to be one of those things.

Bonnie has now decided that her victim does not live in Ottawa, but in Brantford... again. And Bonnie seems to think this victim was in Ottawa during an incredibly tragic event that rocked the entire nation.

Of course, Bonnie Combs is a terrorist and a psychopath and has no sense of compassion regarding such events. That's why she always has some sick and demented comment to make when such events occur.

Coincidentally, we received an email a few days ago from one of our insiders who has pertinent knowledge regarding terrorism and this person informed us that Bonnie Combs is currently under investigation by the FBI for threatening to murder President Obama.

Why would Bonnie threaten to murder Obama? Because he's black, of course. Bonnie only likes people who are overweight, lowlife losers like her. Anyone who is attractive, successful and genuine is terrible in Bonnie Combs feeble, childish mind because she's jealous and has no life, no friends and no one in her life who cares for her. Hence why Bonnie Combs is a 34 year old miserable and bitter hag who is constantly projecting her insecurities onto her many victims.

Bonnie's victim has forwarded this latest threat to Malcolm Williams of the Tulsa Police Department - Cyber Crimes Division. It's illegal to counsel suicide by the way. Bonnie Combs should already know this but considering she's a grade 7 drop-out with an IQ that is equivalent to a baked potato, it makes sense that she's totally clueless on so many of the basic facts of life.

Poor Bonnie Combs

October 26, 2014

Click to enlarge.

Bonnie Combs is too poor to afford a real coach purse. What a loser!

The Combs Family Crap Shack

October 25, 2014

The Combs family lives in the biggest, most decrepit and mold infested crap shack in all of Oklahoma. It's surprising the city hasn't come to condemn it yet!

Black mold covering the doorframe. How does that even happen?

Another view of the mold.

Filth covering the walls and floor.

Another view of the mold. This is Bonnie's childhood bedroom by the way.

As you can see, it's the exact same bedroom that Bonnie lived in 12 years ago when she blogged at and harassed Katy, Julie, and so on, on the internet, as well as stole all of their domain names. (,, and so on.)

Bonnie's daily view because she never leaves her bed, let alone her bedroom. Digging the water damage covering the walls. Real chic!

Lovely hoarders view. You'd think the pathetic losers inhabiting this shithole would be garbage enough without piling in the tackiest crap from the welfare aisle at the salvation army.

Gotta love the booger wall:

Bonnie Combs Child Molester

October 23, 2014

Bonnie Combs is the biggest piece of nothing that ever existed or will exist and no one would care enough about her to do anything to her.
Naturally, Bonnie Combs has visited this site over 200,000 times since it was opened. She has visited a real mother’s site more than 500,000 times to get tips and pictures of real children, ultra sounds, babies and belly shots for her fake online pregnancy.
What a loon.

Lulzy Submissions

October 22, 2014

First and foremost, a hilarious submission of Bonnie:

And now onto the lulzy loony Laura submissions!

Now we see why Laura's only hobby is telling people on twitter they look old:

Only one tooth left due to meth use. How sad!


Some may say making fun of Laura's hideous kid (Sawyer) is mean or perhaps too easy because he looks like a failed abortion. In fact it's deserved. Laura spends her time wishing death on young children and miscarriages on young women on twitter.

Now we see why Laura is obsessed with other women's tits... yikes!

Why does Laura constantly call others fat? She's an out of shape cow! This is pre-pregnancy by the way.

Stretchmarked tits pre-pregnancy? Gross!

Endless contradictions:

Laura M. Smith Hamilton is obviously a loose whore with genital warts.

Good ol' child neglect at 29 Holly Ave in Hamilton, ON. What ugly fucks! Filthy house too. Loony Laura is too busy harvesting photos of hot chicks online to clean or care for her ugly child.

More lulzy contradictions. This shit is permanent! Someone should submit these to bad tattoos asap! We hear Manny got his done while in prison for dealing cocaine in Bobcaygeon, ON.

Loony Laura thinks she's a photographer.. Someone should remind her she first needs a real camera and she then will need some talent. But alas she's got none!

Meth: Not even once!

Her ass is so flat from spending her life sitting on it.

Manny Hamilton's way of making a living. He sucks cock on webcam! No surprise.