Moar Lulzy Tweets

November 26, 2014

It would appear that Batshit Bonnie Combs, the infamous Tulsa child molester, has gone off her psychiatric meds once again because she's resumed assuming that everybody is stalking her when it's actually the other way around. It's kinda hard to stalk someone who is morbidly obese and never leaves her parents house, no?

Here's the latest collection of Bonnie's batshit tweets!

Bonnie Combs literally thinks she wears a size 8 in jeans. We've all seen what you really look like Bonnie. You're more of a size 25. It's your cousin Misty who wears the size 8. The woman you've been impersonating on the internet for years. Remember?

Bonnie also mentions little kids again. Why is Bonnie Combs so obsessed with children? Because she's a child molester. That's why.

Bonnie Combs fails at the english language. And ew.. Bonnie. Nobody wants to see your dusty, floppy beefy curtains. Only your Dad does. Put that nasty shit away, tubby.

Bonnie posting her latest selfie:

Next up! Everybody's favorite twitter hero, Kim, verbally raping Bonnie's dumb ass once again.

We love reading Kim's tweets about Krazy Kristin Norman, the infamous Chicago/Hazel Crest, Illinois rape apologist and Loony Laura Smith, the infamous Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, drug dealer, prostitute and child abuser.

We've heard a rumour that Laura will have an expose website of her own soon. We can't wait to see it!

And of course, our own personal commentary.


More Lies and Moar Lulz

November 25, 2014

Thanks for the submission Kim!

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to have cancer and is still insanely jealous of a woman named Krystle Draper.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending that she has a job - she doesn't. Never has. Never will. Batshit crazy, I tells ya.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to live in Sand Springs despite being proven to live at 2337 w 47th street in Tulsa, OK with her father. Oh, and she's still in denial about her victims having visited there despite being a total coward and refusing to show up in court last month because that would mean having to face the women she's jealous of.

Bonnie Combs is such an awful cancer faker. She doesn't even know the true symptoms of cancer. Such a sick, twisted, insane and delusional human being. Bonnie Combs is a waste of oxygen and a living joke.


And now for the funnies... Another one of Bonnie's many victims has been verbally raping Batshit Bonnie Combs, Kunty Kristin Norman and Loony Laura Smith on twitter for the past week or two and it's been hilarious to watch! Those three losers are made for each other!

And because Bonnie never stops the lies, we'll have plenty moar lulz and lies to come. Likely tonight!

Bonnie Combs Desperately Needs Mental Help

Whenever someone is looking for instant amusement, one only needs to visit Bonnie Combs twitter page. Her twitter account is full of lies and psychobabble and will never let you down! Here's Bonnie's latest psychotic lies:

This one is just disgusting. Although we do agree that Bonnie is not worthy of breathing our air and she should stop doing so immediately.

The psychotic rantings of a fat loser:

The Williams Center aka One Williams Center is the same building Krys visited last time she visited Tulsa. Of course Bonnie didn't actually go in. Notice Bonnie never drives the car she claims to own? Could be because Bonnie Combs is 34 years old, lives with her father and doesn't know how to drive a car.

Bonnie Combs is still pretending to have a mother in law. As well as pretending to have ever visited the WTC, let alone NYC. Moar crazy lies from a retarded buffoon with no friends and no life.

Impossible. Bonnie Combs weighs nearly 500 lbs. We hear it takes a forklift just to get her fat ass out of her childhood bedroom that she rarely ever leaves.

More psychotic behaviour. Go figure that the only people stupid, retarded and naive enough to fall for Bonnie Combs bullshit is Kristin Norman - the infamous Chicago, Illinois racist and rape apologist and Laura M. Smith - the infamous Hamilton, Ontario meth user, child abuser and std ridden prostitute.

As always, we've saved the best for last! Here is Bonnie Combs describing herself and her victims:

Check back soon for moar lies and lulz! and lulz and lies!

November 20, 2014

While everyone else in the world was busy leading a real life offline, Batshit Bonnie Combs was creating new lies (that can be easily proven to be false) and a new life to try and cover up her past lies. Unfortunately Bonnie sucks at covering her tracks and we were able to access her latest bullshit blog entries at and

So what's the scoop? Well, in typical Butthurt Bonnie Combs desperate Daddy issues and attention-seeking fashion, Bonnie has lost yet another fictitious fiance and child. Gosh.. Bonnie Combs should look into getting a job on the Young and Restless because her fake life on the internet is a never ending sob story and soap opera.

Here's the first bullshit lie from
"I want to thank everyone who was supportive in my recent tragedy. My beloved finance died unexpectedly in September 2014, and I have been crying over it ever since. There have been some lovely people who have made sure that I have what I need and because of them I am forever grateful.

I am keeping my pages here up, for the time being, but I really am too busy for a website now. Maybe in the future I will be interested in writing again, but not right now. I will possibly get another domain when this one expires on October 14, 2015, as I am only a Danner in marriage now, and not in soul.

Thank you all for the prayers, the love and the laughter over the years.

~Bonnie Babe"
Of course nobody has ever offered her any support becuse this latest bullshit tragedy in her never ending horror show of a made-up life didn't happen and Bonnie Combs has no friends or anyone who care about her and her insane psychobabble.

Although we're not surprised to hear that Bonnie is going to register a new domain. She already has over 500 domains with different lives, lies and personalities. It's her only hobby. Hence why she's a 34 year old fat fuck living in her parents trailer with only a grade 6 education and black mould covering her bedroom walls.

Here's the second delusional lie from

I was planning to be a Danner.

I was writing my name as Bonnie Danner.

I bought the domain and started writing there as a sub-blog to my main journal on another page.

We were supposed to get married. We were supposed to have a baby together. But that never will be, now.

My boyfriend passed away in September 2014. With his passing, I lost our baby I was carrying. His funeral was on October 7th, 2014. It was jam-packed. He impacted the lives of so many people, from the people we went to school with, to the people who knew him through his father’s business. I was one of the fortunate ones, for I knew him on a personal level, not just what others had published about him. Because our names were so close in the alphabet, he and I were always together in grouped class pictures. We would have been together even if it was not a requirement.

I miss my fiancee. I mourn the loss of him. There is a hole in my heart where he once brightened my days and nights, that will never be filled.

I feel that I will never marry now, nor carry another baby by any other man. I am doubtful that I will date anyone else, as this has poisoned my soul. People die. They leave you when you are most vulnerable. You lose a part of yourself when they pass.

My fiancee had Huntington’s, but I believe, based on the description of his death, that he died of a aneurysm. Either way, he is gone, and that is what really is at the heart of the matter."
And who is this mystery man Bonnie speaks of? "Lance Danner" a man who is not real and has only ever existed in Bonnie's fucked up tiny little mind. The child? Also fictional. Bonnie Combs is totes delusional and needs help asap. Bonnie should also look into returning to school and getting her GED. It's alarming that she can't spell the most basic of words but she is a total retard afterall.

And of course, here's screencaps because we know this fat cunt will delete her lies, register another domain and create some other bullshit sob story in order to scab retarded strangers like Kristin Norman and Laura M. Smith out of money and photos of their children on the internet.

What else? Bonnie is still pretending to be an artist, photographer and a writer on both of her "Bonnie" blogs. Obviously Bonnie has no artistic talent so it's a given that any content she posts on either of these websites will be stolen - likely from Krystal, Katy and other truly talented individuals whom Bonnie Combs is crazy jealous of. We'll keep an eye out for the theft and contact the authorities immediately should we come across any stolen material or any more stories of fraud from Bonnie's 345,687 victims.

.P.S. Bonnie is still hanging on to the domain so keep an eye on that one. It won't be long before Bonnie steals photos of some hot chick and plasters them all over that website with a bunch of bullshit hoping naive men will send her money to buy cheeto's and play WOW from her childhood bedroom and 98' Dell computer ridden with feces and boogers similar to the fat loser portrayed in the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" from South Park.

Lastly, some of Bonnie's latest psychobabble from her fake twitter account @stxr:

Last but not least, some lulz.