March 11, 2015

Bonnie Combs passed away in December 2014.

We do not know the circumstances surrounding her death. Nor do we care.

While it's unfortunate that Bonnie lived an existence so miserable that she chose to pursue a fake life and victimize strangers... We are not sad to hear of her passing. We're sad that Bonnie's harassment only ended with her death.

Bonnie's reign of terror is over and her victims can finally move on.

We wish all of you nothing but happiness and success in future endeavours.

All the best.

Update: If you find yourself being harassed and defamed still on the internet, it's likely being performed by Laura Michelle Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton of Hamilton/Townsend/Peterborough/Bridgenorth Ontario. Laura is mentally unstable, and chose to take over where Bonnie left off. The Hamilton police are ready and willing to take your report.